Tether Tools Case Air Tethering System – Alternative to CamRanger

July 13th, 2018

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6 Responses to “Tether Tools Case Air Tethering System – Alternative to CamRanger”

  • Actually, my experience has with Case Air hasn’t been all that great. I liked the small form-factor and had high hopes for it to be a possible replacement for an old Cam Ranger. It was not, while I still own one, I’ve given up on the very glitchy connection, and and in my opinion not very user friendly interface.

    While the 2 Cam Rangers I have not been completely fault-free either, they’ve been much more stable and user friendly. I still use the Cam Rangers daily, but gave up on the Case Air.

    My 2 cents

  • Anyone used the CamFi system as an alternative to CamRanger?

  • If you shoot Canon there is a build it yourself (buy the router, same one cam ranger uses and load the firmware) that cost -$50 and use the android app DSLR controller.

  • I appreciate the comments regarding the Case Air system. I’ve been looking into alternatives to the CamRanger, and so far it still seems to be the all-around more stable option. But with Wi-Fi capability on newer DLSR’s, the apps for tethering remotely are only going to get better. Thanks

  • @Ashley Evans: I looked hard at CamfiPro as it uses the newer radio and has higher speeds – very important for higher megapixel cameras of today. Interesting, the normal retailers (Amazon, B&H, etc.) only offer the slower Camfi product – not CamfiPro. The only place I could find that sells it is the Camfi manufactuer’s web site. I could not find a return policy on their site, so I wrote them an email asking their policy for returns. Their response – “why would you want to return it?”

    I knew this was a big red flag. So, bottom line, until a good retailer offers it, or the manufacturer in China offers a solid return policy – their not getting my business.

    FYI – I also wrote to Camranger and asked if/when they would upgrade to the newer radio for higher bandwidth. Their response wasn’t very good: “we don’t talk about future products or changes to products.” So, I couldn’t even get a hint as to if/when they are releasing an update to their dated product. I do like Camranger, but they got to step into the >25 megapixel world and offer higher speed WiFi transfer speeds. As it is, my D850 images only take about 10 seconds or so to transfer the jpg’s to my iPad. Hope this helps.

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