Tether Tools Case Air Tethering System – Alternative to CamRanger

July 13th, 2018

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5 Responses to “Tether Tools Case Air Tethering System – Alternative to CamRanger”

  • Actually, my experience has with Case Air hasn’t been all that great. I liked the small form-factor and had high hopes for it to be a possible replacement for an old Cam Ranger. It was not, while I still own one, I’ve given up on the very glitchy connection, and and in my opinion not very user friendly interface.

    While the 2 Cam Rangers I have not been completely fault-free either, they’ve been much more stable and user friendly. I still use the Cam Rangers daily, but gave up on the Case Air.

    My 2 cents

  • Anyone used the CamFi system as an alternative to CamRanger?

  • If you shoot Canon there is a build it yourself (buy the router, same one cam ranger uses and load the firmware) that cost -$50 and use the android app DSLR controller.

  • I appreciate the comments regarding the Case Air system. I’ve been looking into alternatives to the CamRanger, and so far it still seems to be the all-around more stable option. But with Wi-Fi capability on newer DLSR’s, the apps for tethering remotely are only going to get better. Thanks

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