What Virtual Staging Services Do Real Estate Photographers Use?

July 3rd, 2018

Jack in Florida asks:

Do many real estate photographers get requests to virtually stage vacant homes? If so, what do they use – virtual staging services, special software, or Photoshop?

Virtual staging requires an extensive library of 3D furniture and a lot of Photoshop skill. While some do virtual staging themselves, most have a virtual staging service do the work. Virtual staging is still not widely used (about 20% of listing agents) but its popularity is increasing.

Here are some virtual staging services recommended by PFRE readers:

What virtual staging services do readers use?

The following poll gives an idea of how widely virtual staging (VS) is used by real estate photographers:

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3 Responses to “What Virtual Staging Services Do Real Estate Photographers Use?”

  • I have asked my clients if they are interested and not one has said yes – all definite no. They want potential buyers to see the same home as the photos show. That simple.

  • If you use this kind of service or want to, I suggest reading their terms carefully. Some claim the right to use the photos for their own marketing without compensating the photographer and some also claim the right to distribute the photos to other parties without seeking the photographer’s permission or compensating the photographer. I note that many of these companies do not post their terms on their websites, and you have to ask them for their terms, which seems unprofessional to me.

    My terms to my clients specify that, although I allow modification of my work for marketing purposes, such modification does not constitute a joint or derivative work. I retain sole copyright and do not permit third party usage without my written permission and payment of an additional usage fee.

  • We leave the staging up to the agent/homeowner. If they don’t bother to stage the home we shoot it the best we can. A number of years ago we were encouraged to work in conjunction with professional stagers and we made a lot of contacts however, nothing ever gelled. We kind of got the impression that most stagers were not that busy and were looking to us for referrals.

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