Editing Real Estate Video with FCPX

June 29th, 2018

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3 Responses to “Editing Real Estate Video with FCPX”

  • I can certainly recommend all Grant’s tutorials. He got me started down the right road to making RE videos from the equipment to use to how to shoot and approach the shoot with drone and ground based. I have struggled with FCPX which deceivingly looks a lot like iMovie that I had been using but is in fact so much more complicated what I knew from iMovie just got me into trouble. All I wanted to know was what to do to edit RE video. I do not need to know how to produce a TV show. He knows, of course, since he does shoot for broadcast, but I don’t. So I am looking forward to this tutorial.

  • Please create a tutorial for Windows user. Thanks in advance!!!! I purchased your DJIosmo course and I am stuck as I do not want to spend more time to learn on my own to post process videos. I just dont have the time to go into trials and errors in my own learning….That’s one of the reason I love your courses, after just a couple of hours of watching your video course, I was able to use my Osmo..but how good is it without the post processing part…Thanks!!!

  • @Rom – People that shoot video specialize on the video editor they like the best. If you are looking for a class on some other editor you are better off to check out some of the video editing classes at ( rather than trying to convince Grant to do a class in the video editor you want to use.

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