Getting School Information for Any Given Address

June 26th, 2018

Ashley in South Carolina asked:

Is there a website that will show a home’s location in relation to schools, restaurants and such without having to manually input them? I was looking at Google Maps but didn’t see one. Of course, I am old and probably simply overlooking it!

This is a feature that is built in to many real estate tours. I assume you want to be able to list a map on a tour that shows where the local schools are.

Yes, there are a number of sites that create school maps and school district boundaries for any given address. The one I like the best is this site called You put in any given address and you get a Google Map with all the local schools and the school district boundaries.

Be careful how you use these maps though because Google Maps are copyrighted. I know this for sure since Google was so happy with this post I did in 2010 (recommending not to scrape maps from Google) they sent me a nice Google coffee cup! I guess someone at Google reads this blog!

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5 Responses to “Getting School Information for Any Given Address”

  • The other caution goes beyond copyright noted above. Be careful volunteering the information. Let people use third party sites, such as School Boards change boundaries regularly and when you provide information that suddenly becomes inaccurate due to school board action, guess who is going to get blamed. While population shift (like new developments) is typically why Boards re-structure boundaries, we even have some schools closed, gutted and modernized, with students resigned to several different schools during the reconstructions BUT no assurance that will have same boundaries when construction is completed. As a Realtor, the general consensus is to leave the school fields blank when setting up MLS, that way can’t be held liable (as has been successful legal cases) when suddenly going to a different school, and can hold a frank discussion of “current school is….but subject to change despite no known changes pending.

  • Shouldn’t that information be the responsibility of the selling agent? Isn’t that what they are paid to know?
    I am mystified why the photographer should be this involved at representing the property- if at all!

  • Yes, I think @Larry Gray and @Stephen Mann raise excellent points, school boundaries are not the kind of information that photographers should be supplying because there’s a risk of not getting it right even for the listing agent.

  • Google Earth can be used to locate schools, churches and shopping near an address and buyers can use that to see where they are. It can be great to have value added services that augment income, but some things are better left to the agent (the photographer’s customer).

  • It is now legal to use Google Maps and Earth screen saves and videos so long as you do not remove the Google content on the bottom of the screen.

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