“Ask The Guys” Feature of the Shooting Spaces Podcast

June 14th, 2018

Rich and Brian want to highlight the Ask The Guys feature of their Shooting Spaces podcast.

Now that we are just over 4 months into the podcast, we are really making an effort to push our Ask The Guys feature. This feature was inspired by the Ask Drone U podcast that does something similar with their listeners.

When we started this podcast, we had a goal of spreading education, teaching as much as possible; getting the best guests we could secure, and propelling this to be one of the best resources in the industry. While we have been able to achieve most of these, we are still looking to spread the education as much as we can. The best way for us to do this is to answer specific listener questions. There are dozens of posts on different FaceBook groups daily, and we do realize that posting in these groups do offer a more immediate response. Asking your questions through the Ask The Guys platform allows for a more in-depth 30-45 minute answer to your question. And if we can’t answer it ourselves, we will do our best to bring someone on who can.

We are inviting everyone to submit your Ask The Guys question (or you can just leave us a message saying hello). Be sure to include the name and URL of your business so others can look at your work while listening. We promise we will get to as many questions as we can!

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