Larry Gray’s “What to Look for in Real Estate Photography” Brochure

June 12th, 2018

Last week, Larry Gray, a Realtor in Florida, sent me a copy of his marketing brochure (click the image on the right to download Larry’s brochure) that is a nice alternative to the real estate photography marketing brochures that I’ve been giving away for many years.

Also, Rick Burgett sent me a link to recent data by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that are recent statistics on the benefits of using professional real estate photography. This is the most recent study I’ve seen on this subject. Apparently, this data is from a NAR 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. You have to pay the NAR $149 to get the actual data but the red link above gives a summary of the study.

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4 Responses to “Larry Gray’s “What to Look for in Real Estate Photography” Brochure”

  • Too bad the lead photo in the NAR article is of someone using their phone to take their photos.

  • Here’s another good one. An article on the NAR website about digital cameras headed with a stock image of a film camera:

    The article goes on to tell agents to buy a dSLR, a wide angle lens, a tripod and then stand in the corner to take the image so the room looks larger. I didn’t spend the time to see what tips they have on being a concert cellist.

  • Thanks Larry. Step away for a couple days, com back and SURPRISE!
    A little background and clarification. While I am also a Realtor, this was constructed to prospect expired listings. The wording could easily be changed reflect a photographer prospecting a new Realtor client and even combined wording to support them on a listing presentation allowing them to stand out as the offer professional photography.

    While it was constructed in Adobe InDesign, the pdf is as sent to the printer and why you see in the margins bleed marks and color and gray scales. It is also front and back of an 8.5×11 foldover. The interior page 2 was a narrative “3 seconds – Stand Out” and discussion of supporting NAR statistics. Page 3 was a simple 21 photo examples (3×7 thumbnail grid). Finally, this brochure was created in 2014 so the NAR statistics, while close, need to be updated, plus I re-designed my website and the referenced “Errors” page no longer exists. Being in InDesign, was easy to update as I used the front cover in a more recent brochure.

    I do need to thank Larry for the great resources he has provided on his site and the and in addition to the “Fire Them” graphic which I slightly altered replacing people figures with iPads showing property search, the back page was inspired by his photography evaluation brochure. The problem was that the 4 pages had to fit on essentially half a page. That is when I decided to use just 1 photo that would support examples, and give bullet points of the key rules to raise awareness of what to look for. The interior page 3 was to show that the back page photo wasn’t a fluke as you can’t rely on them to go to a web site reference.

  • Oh, one other thing. For printing I used a local “Mom-n-Pop” Printing business rather than the well known national sources. Not only did the beat them on price – closer to mailorder – but two additional benenefits. Like all professional printer they prefer InDesign over Microsoft code infuse Publisher that could also use, 1) They obviously have Adobe (InDesign and Illustrator) experts that handle the set-up and gave me great pre-brochure guidance on preferred InDesign margin/bleed setup. 2) More important, they have referred their other clients to me as they needed photography for their brochure. Great way to pick up commercial clients without prospecting.

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