Real Estate Photography Workshops in Germany by Oliver Zielinski

June 8th, 2018

Recently, I got an update from Oliver Zielinski in Berlin about his real estate photography workshops and coaching:

I am currently quite busy with my real estate photography workshops. I’ve extended the original Berlin workshop to the metropolitan areas of Munich and Cologne. Also for Hamburg and Stuttgart, I am currently looking for nice photogenic venues. What I love, are remodeled seminar spaces which were originally shops with a sales room on the street front and a former apartment for the shop owners in the back. Here we can do all the teaching and have enough space for practical photography with differently shaped rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. This always works fine for my kind of workshop and gives it a more personal and authentic atmosphere than any hotel seminar room could do.

I usually offer a set of two workshops on consecutive days. There is one workshop on the Basics of Real Estate Photography which contains everything from general goals through equipment and technical rules like the exposure triangle to my own guide of 20 steps for better real estate photos. And finally, of course, everybody takes their cameras and starts shooting the space with my instructions and personal help. Every student who gave me info on his or her brand and type of camera in advance gets a cheat sheet with all the camera and menu settings they need. I intentionally keep the group small with not more than 10 students. This maximizes the learning effect for them.

On day two there are always 6 seats for my workshop on Image Editing for Real Estate Photos with Adobe Lightroom. Students become familiar with the software and start removing major image flaws with my approved 8-step-workflow for basic retouching. Then they continue with their own images. By the end of the day, they are able to correct most images from not so good to excellent in under two minutes. Besides the workflow documentation I provide a list of quick tips to make Lightroom more efficient, as well as software presets for developing and exporting images even more efficiently.

Both workshops are targeted to beginners and real estate professionals either with little experience in photography or to those who are not really satisfied with their photo results so far.

Once find locations in Hamburg and Stuttgart, no German real estate professional will have to travel much more than 250 kilometers (160 miles) to attend my workshops. Everybody can pre-register and will be informed in advance (before normal advertising starts) once a workshop will be scheduled near his or her location. Once a workshop will be publicly announced it can be directly booked from my website. For those who book both workshops on consecutive days, I offer a 10 percent discount. Currently, I only offer these workshops in German.

For June 2018 workshops are scheduled for Berlin and Munich with a few spaces left.

Besides these group workshops, I also offer team workshops of the same contents for real estate companies at their location. These are in German too.

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2 Responses to “Real Estate Photography Workshops in Germany by Oliver Zielinski”

  • Hallo Oliver, I would be interested in attending one of our workshops. I live in Munich, do you already have a venue there? Grüße Desmond

  • Hello Desmond, the Munich workshops are just around the corner. On June 27 we‘ll have the basic workshop on RE photography and on the day after there will be the retouching workshop. The venue is a small arts gallery in Munich‘s Westend called „Strandkorb“ which is booked just for us for the two days. For both workshops there are a few spaces left. Details and booking at Looking forward to seeing you in Munich.

    Oliver M.

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