Which Wacom Tablet Do You Use and Why?

June 7th, 2018

Pete in Seattle asked:

In an effort to increase workflow, I’ve been evaluating a Wacom Tablet for my real estate photography. I picked up a BT-W Intuos unit over the weekend. This is not the pro series but seems to have all that I wanted. I wanted to see which one most of the group uses and why.
One thing I’ve noticed so far is that I cannot seem to replicate the ability to zoom in and out where ever I leave my mouse cursor.

We’ve talked about Wacom tablets in the past. Those discussions convinced me to purchase an Intuos Pro.

The first thing that blew me away is that this is a fantastic mouse replacement for anyone who has multiple large monitors. I have two 27″ monitors. A 27″ iMac, and a 27″ monitor. I never realized how annoying using a standard mouse is until I started using a tablet! Instead of dragging a mouse across two 27″ monitors! With a tablet, you just move directly to any location on the two screens you want to go to. It’s amazing!

My second discovery was multi-touch. That is, you can use your fingers instead of the pen. To click, to double-click, to scroll, to zoom. There is a lot to learn. After a few days, I’m still learning all the multi-touch finger gestures and I haven’t even got to learn the pressure sensitive pen features built into Photoshop. A Wacom tablet is well worth the money just for the ways it replaces the standard mouse, let alone the pressure sensitive features.

Which Wacom tablet do you use?

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4 Responses to “Which Wacom Tablet Do You Use and Why?”

  • Bamboo CTH-460. Got it in 2010 and still working perfectly. 5.8 by 3.6 inch active pen area. Tiny but it works for me.

    I use it for everything. I don’t even have a mouse plugged in 😀

  • I bought intuous pro medium. Was waste of money for me…simply couldnt get hang of it despite all the people who say its great. Was glitchy also. You. An have mine for 200! Hardly used :).

  • I have been using the Intuous Pro Small for a few months now. The learning curve has been steep but as I get more comfortable using it my editing time per photo becomes less. For anyone thinking of getting one, my recommendation is to get the small version. There is quite a bit of customization that can be done to suit your needs with the small tablet but the one major thing you’ll want to do is reduce the useable area of the tablet. I have reduced mine to an area of about 3 inches by 2 inches which is why the small version is more than adequate. At this time I’m sort of using the mouse for some things and the pen for others and hope to be able to use the pen for all actions – just not there yet. It is a great addition to my workflow……or will be.

  • Cintiq.

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