Important Warning for Everyone Using the Free Real Estate Photo Guide

June 4th, 2018

A few days ago, Darrin in California asked me for a higher resolution version of the infographic that is used in the Realtor’s Photo Guides that I’ve been giving away for many years. The infographic was given to me in 2013 by Robert Preville, a Realtor in Wilmington, NC. In the past couple of years, Robert has disappeared (I think he may have passed away in the past year or so).

Robert had the URL for his real estate website ( at the bottom of the infographic. In the process of trying to get a hold of Robert, I went to his website. To my surprise, it is now a porn site!

As of June 2, 2018, I have removed the URL from the bottom of the infographic on all the versions that we give away here on the PFRE site (see the realtor-photo-guide page). I’m also in the process of notifying everyone that I know of who has used Robert’s infographic or translated the Realtor Photoguide. But the problem is, there are hundreds of real estate photographers who use Robert’s infographic because it was so popular.

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10 Responses to “Important Warning for Everyone Using the Free Real Estate Photo Guide”

  • Larry you are just making this up because someone caught you looking at porn.

  • I am just curious. Why don’t you add a new photo? I am sure you can get one from one of the talented photographers here.

  • That was a very nice info-graphic but didn’t meet my need so used as a baseline design. In Adobe InDesign, retained the upper “Fire Them” message, updating the bar graph quantities, then created more starburst with additional bullet points from the NAR study. Finally, remove the people and inserted graphics of iPads (alternate portrait vs horizonal) to reflect electronic usage. I guess what I am saying is, if removing the url (or substituting your own) may also want to address the content.

  • …and now we’ve solved the mystery of its popularity. 😉

  • Larry,
    Have these guides been taken down?

  • Found it but through an obscure way

  • @Susan – I’ve removed the porn URL from the infographic on all the guides and reposted them on the guide’s download page ( I’ve also added a download link for the infographic with the porn URL removed on the guides page. I’ve also removed the URL from the German and Ukranian version but I couldn’t fix the other translations. I notified the translators so they can fix the other versions.

  • Thanks, Larry. People also should check their blogs for stray references or links. I found an embarrassing link to a page on the old Ruxta site in a November 2014 post on my blog.

  • Sorry to make all this work for you Larry! It’s a good thing you tried his website.

    On a related note, does anyone happen to have the actual raw data from the Redfin study upon which the infographic is based? In light of the porn URL, I was considering recreating the infographic. But in looking at the $$ numbers on the original one, they don’t appear to be consistent with any Redfin graph I’ve seen, particularly at the $800k home level.

    I’ve contacted Redfin asking for the raw data (they apparently make some of their data available), but I’ve yet to hear from them. I just want to verify the numbers before attaching my name to the new infographic.

  • It’s not really a porn site in the normal sense. It is a PBN (Private Blog Network). The domain had a lot of links to it giving it power to rank in search engines. Someone bought it after it expired so they could tap into that ranking power and passing it on to a money site.

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