Looking Forward… The Future of PFRE

June 3rd, 2018

A few days ago, our friend and PFRE founder, Larry Lohrman announced that he has finalized the sale of the PFRE blog to myself, Brandon Cooper, and went on to explain the timeline for this transition of ownership. Although Larry is passing the torch, so to speak, he isn’t going anywhere just yet. Larry has agreed to continue with his daily blog posts and remain involved with all books, tutorials, and educational material.

Thank You, Larry!

I’m confident that I can speak for everyone in the PFRE community when I express my gratitude to Larry for his years of hard work and dedication. Larry has helped pioneer an industry and built a thriving community from the ground up. He has provided education and motivation to thousands of creatives who are now able to make their living as real estate, interior, and architectural photographers. He has created a forum, a voice, and a challenge for us all. PFRE has a rich history, and we believe the future is bright!

My Story

I first came across at the beginning of my real estate photography career. I was brand new to the industry and starving for knowledge and experience. Like many of you, I started right at the beginning; reading everything I could about the best gear to get started with, then I devoured every e-book, tutorial, and video series that PFRE had to offer. It was after reading Scott Hargis’s book for the fifth time that I decided it was time to find a coach. This is where Tony Colangelo came into the picture. Tony is a long-time PFRE contributor and is a coach/mentor to many photographers. I reached out to him to be my coach many years ago and it turned out to be a turning point for me and my career. One of Tony’s greatest impacts on my photography was introducing me to the Flickr group and the monthly contests. Over time, I went from being a casual reader to a contest observer, then a participant. Participating in the monthly contests and receiving thoughtful feedback had a significant impact on my business over the years. I can attribute the vast majority of my growth and success in this industry to the content and ongoing support of Larry and the community at

The Dream

It was in 2016 when I first got the idea to purchase PFRE. I loved everything about the community. I loved the idea of strangers coming together to share their wisdom and experience, to simply get better at doing something they loved.  I knew it was something special and I knew I had to be a part of it! The blog wasn’t officially for sale but I wanted to put a bug in Larry’s ear that if he were ever interested in finding a successor, I’d love to be that guy. I reached out and had a great conversation with Larry but it was clear he wasn’t ready to discuss the future of PFRE just yet. I tried again in early 2017 and still, the timing wasn’t right. This idea was all consuming for me, so I decided to give it one more shot at the end of 2017 and thankfully, this time we were able to reach an agreement!

Moving Forward Together

As Larry mentioned in his video, I have lots of ideas in regard to the future of the PFRE blog and there will be plenty of time to present these ideas down the road. Larry has built an incredible blog and community that we all value and our goal moving forward isn’t to change PFRE but rather to build on its already solid foundation and ensuring a legacy of success.

That said, there are a few priorities we’ll be working on throughout 2018:

  • Updating the overall design and image of PFRE.
  • Collaborating with the best and brightest minds in the industry to bring our community quality content and educational opportunities.
  • Continuing to refine and grow the monthly photo and video contests.

The dream is to create the most robust and collaborative community of real estate and interior photographers in the world! As we set our goals and pursue opportunities, we will continue to tap into the incredible experience and talent that runs deep in the PFRE community by asking you for your ideas, opinions, and feedback.

My Commitment

Getting involved with PFRE has been a long time goal of mine, so to say I’m excited would be a massive understatement! I look forward to working hard for, and with everyone, to grow the community and help solidify PFRE as the most trusted voice in real estate and interiors photography.

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15 Responses to “Looking Forward… The Future of PFRE”

  • Congrats! Wish you all the best from the Netherlands! Kind regards

  • A very warm welcome Brandon. I think you and Larry will make a great team. Looking forward to seeing what you both will be doing. Hard to improve a great thing but its always possible.

  • Very excited for the future of this website and community! Thanks to Larry for his constant devotion to us!

  • Brandon, Congratulations. I wish you every success.
    Regards Desmond resident in Munich, Germany

  • Fantastic Brandon! Wishing you and PFRE all the best! I’ll keep following what’s happening here.

  • Congratulations, Brandon! I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received from Larry and this group, and from you, Brandon, with your amazing and inspirational coaching. Very excited to see what’s to come!

  • Congratulations Brandon!! Looking forward to what’s to come!!

  • Congratulations. I’m looking forward to the New PFRE, I’ve learned a lot reading all the blogs, reading all the articles, the books published. I always suggest PFRE to the people I meet who have an interest in RE photography and/or Drone photography. It’s been a great source of information and I’m guessing will continue to be. Thx.

  • Brandon,
    Congrats! Larry build a fantastically successful foundation for you…and us! Excited to watch your ideas emerge in action.

    Please tell us more about _you_. Location, professional experiences & specializations, favorite photo topics, i.e., things one might ask you 1-on-1 to get acquainted over coffee at a photography conference.

  • Congratulations Brandon.

    You’re one smart cookie recognising the potential here. I have been involved with membership websites for over 15 years – I sold the last one after sending out my 1,014th email newsletter to my 25,000 subscribers – and, IMHO would be absolutely PERFECT for a membership website…

    If you want to chat and learn more, I’d be happy to do so and to recommend the AWESOME subscription management system (I’ve just started a new one) that I have been using for the past 15 years.

    PS. I am NOT being paid to promote this idea.

  • Congratulations Brandon and thank you Larry for remaining involved! I’m sure you’ll make a great team.

  • Congratulations Brandon. I look forward to being involved with this amazing site for many years to come under your stewardship. And may I add my heartfelt thanks to Larry for all he has done so far. PFRE is a huge resource for all of us in the property stills and video world and has given so much to me and countless other professionals and those looking to break in to the business.

  • Congrats Brandon! You’ll bring tremendous energy and great ideas to this site and build on what Larry has so generously established. As many have said previously, the supportive collaboration on this site is what makes it unique in a creative, business environment. I’m sure you will continue to encourage this in the years to come.

  • Congratulations! I haven’t been very active lately on the site, but I appreciate all the insight and help I have gleaned. Best wishes!

  • Congratulations Brandon. I have certainly found the website to be be useful over the years, and love to hear the ideas of fellow photographers. There are a couple of things that I think could broaden the usefulness of the website. First, I think there is too much focus on high-end and beautiful properties. Most of us must make a living photographing that vary from higher end to lower end. Although I can look at high end property photographs all day, I really admire people who can make fairly ordinary properties, lower-end properties, or very eccentric properties look their best.

    Secondly, It would be great to have an occasional column on the business and statistical side of real-estate photography. Articles and sound research exploring the impact of real estate photography on selling prices, helps me sell the service to agents and brokers. What kind of photography has the most positive impact on potential buyers? E.G. comprehensive wide-angle images, or close-up images of distinct features? And how useful are drone, video or VR images to selling property at different price points? Everyone has a seat-of-the-pants sense of what works, but it would be great to be able to supplement that with what has been studied or researched by economists, cognitive psychology, or by the industry and university-based “centers for real estate studies”. All serious business sectors have research and statistics to help practitioners understand their business in-dept and with objectivity.

    Lastly, it would be interesting to have the occasional exploration of trends in property photography. For example, I now see growing use of “blown-out” windows and surfaces in publications like Architectural Digest and high-end home furnishing catalogs. It would be interesting to hear from art directors or large real estate firms about what they are seeking, and why.

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