What Is a Flexible Delivery and Payment Photo Delivery Service?

May 20th, 2018

Aaron in Ohio says:

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good site for image delivery and payment for this particular circumstance.

I charge a flat fee for 25 images and the $10 per additional image. It helps with accountability and itchy trigger finger realtors.

You know, the ones who want pics of the cabinet hardware, staircase railing and shoe rack. Is there a delivery and payment system where they can see 40 images. Select the 25 they like best for download and then any extra images they click on to download, will be charged an additional fee of $10 per image (or whatever set price). This way they are choosing to spend more money themselves and be more concise at the same time. This would further assist accountability as well. I like this idea because it’s also suggestive selling. If they think they only need 25 and then see more images they like and want, it would be an easy up sale that doesn’t require any talking or negotiation because they are locked behind the computer interface. Currently, they just call or text me and complain. The last agent got 4 free images due to this.

I did some research and it seems like PixiSet and ShootProof might come close to this requirement but I wasn’t sure if anyone knew of a different or better solution.

This is a more complicated delivery and payment process than most real estate photographers use. Is anyone using services similar to PixiSet or Shootproof?

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5 Responses to “What Is a Flexible Delivery and Payment Photo Delivery Service?”

  • Most RE photographers don’t allow agents to select images after the shoot as the prices that are customary for RE photography are very low. In the scenario that you describe, you are creating 40 finished images and are hoping that the customer will select more than the 25 for the base price to bring their total up enough to make those extra 15 images worthwhile to do.

    A better approach is to have the agent do the initial walk thru with you and create the shot list. If they want to approve each image as they are made, that’s a much more expensive option since it will slow you down to a snail’s pace.

    If your clients are super demanding, they should be at the property with you or sending you a detailed shot list. If they don’t want to pay the costs associated with you making more images for them to review or spending more time on site while they direct the session, they need to accept the gallery that you present. Honestly, RE is a fast paced environment where paying attention to the most minute detail doesn’t have a return. Past a certain level of quality and you are wasting your time. This is what separates RE photography from “commercial” photography. Better is the enemy of good enough.

    I deliver all of the compositions that I shoot with very few exceptions. When I arrive at a property, I do a walk through and know quickly what images I am going to make. I always ask agents when they book a job if there is a feature they feel needs to be shown and I make sure that I include it. In 6 years, I have had 2 requests for re-edits and to reshoot one image. If I had a customer start requiring more editing or lots of reshoots I don’t agree with, their rates would go up or I wouldn’t accept further work from them.

    If you would still like to make extra images and give your customers a choice, be sure to charge an appropriate fee so your are making enough money to meet your income goals. Sometimes the market is looking for people that provide a luxury level of service. My typical level of service is an average of 20 images for a fixed price with pricing based on the property’s location. I always make it known that I am more than willing to spend a full day or multiple days working with an art director/designers and stylists to build a gallery of images that are as perfect as possible, but I don’t do it at my standard rates. In those cases, I will be bringing considerably more gear and possibly renting a higher quality camera body/lenses.

  • I believe in the KISS principle. Just charge enough, forget the number, shoot, deliver put money in the bank, repeat.

  • Wouldn’t a simpler solution be to just provide them with the 25 best photos and then send an invoice? Why shoot 15 photos the client doesn’t want?

    The original question implies (to me) that the OP doesn’t have time to engage in a short dialog with his client regarding the shot list (before the shoot) or the selects (after the shoot). Given that his schedule is that tight, how does he have time to make 15 extra photos at every shoot?

  • I agree with Ken.
    You are still doing post production on “X amount” of images, not to mention paying for the service you seek.
    I’m still in the ‘old fashioned group’. I charge per square footage, and they get what I decide to shoot. Period.

  • I have to agree with the others here… Keep it Simple, forget the number of shots, you get what I decide to shoot unless you give me a shot list. My general rule is that I guarantee a minimum of 16 photos. I tell my clients that I will not count photos (beyond 16). Instead, I will take as many photos as it takes to tell the story of this home. Can I take 4 photos of a guest bedroom… yes, but I only take one good one. More time on location and more time in post is not worth the gamble that you are proposing. You are the pro… do what you do best. Make the decisions and take the best photos. If you have clients that need detail shots of everything… take them, collect the money and say thank you.

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