Lens Hoods – Why Use One? by Phil Steel

May 16th, 2018

Diane in NJ asked a simple question:

Should I always be using a lens hood?

I have to admit that I rarely use my lens hoods but that’s a result of being lazy about keeping track of them and keeping them in my camera bag. After watching Phil Steel’s video, I realize I should be using them!

So, the best answer to Diane’s question is: Yes, always use your lens hood when shooting real estate.

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2 Responses to “Lens Hoods – Why Use One? by Phil Steel”

  • I also always use lens hoods, and here’s why. I’m working hard in Photoshop and Lightroom to give my images good contrast and dynamic range… why not get a better image in-camera? A better image in-camera equates to better images in post and less time spent fiddling in software. It’s good insurance to ensure less flare. Lens protection is an added bonus…I just wish that I could use a hood on my 17 TS-E.

  • I always have a lens hood attached–to reduce the chance for lens flares and as a ‘bumper,’ to protect the lens, itself.

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