Zhiyun Crane 2 for Real Estate Video – Grant Johnston

April 20th, 2018

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One Response to “Zhiyun Crane 2 for Real Estate Video – Grant Johnston”

  • Overall, I quite liked that video, not so much for the gimbal, but more for Grant’s presentation of the home. One of the drawbacks of these gimbals is the lack of fluidity when doing an arc around a room. You end up calling attention to the gear because of the lack of fluid motion during the arc, and these gimbals also call attention to the steps of the user as well while doing that particular move, making that the weakest part of the video – and it should be the smoothest feature. It’s much easier to achieve that fluidity with a Glidecam, but harder to maintain a level camera. In any case, the greatest strength of these gimbals is very smooth rudimentary motion – straightforward forward, and rises and falls.

    One of the ways to mitigate the awkward motion in the arc is to slow down the return-to-center rate of the Yaw axis, so that if your arms make sudden moves, the slower return speed will compensate instead of immediately following you. I have a setup where I’ve mounted the handheld part of a Yuneec drone to a Glidecam, so you have both a gimbal, and the fluid motion of the glidecam, and it’s pretty fantastic for doing arcs. It’s a double gimbal with easy rotation, so the operator doesn’t have to physically use his arms for rotation, just a finger twist. The joystick on the gimbals isn’t nearly as refined for natural movement.

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