Example of the Pixel Shift Algorithm on the New Sony A7RIII

April 15th, 2018

Candace in the Chicago area says:

Just thought you might be interested in seeing the result of using the new Sony A7R III with Sony’s proprietary Pixel Shift algorithm. Here is a comparison I did between shooting with and without Pixel Shift.

When you “pixel peep” the originals, there is a huge difference!

There are more details in this article.

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4 Responses to “Example of the Pixel Shift Algorithm on the New Sony A7RIII”

  • Sony cameras is one of the best among other brands, its proven and tested…

  • Haven’t used this camera/feature before. How significant is the shot burst duration? Similar to Canon in-camera HDR? Does the 4-shot burst take longer depending on light conditions?

  • This is really cool tech. Too bad I’m not in the market for an A7RIII right now and may not be for quite awhile, but I still shoot with Sony and may rent this camera just to try it out one day.

  • Looks interesting. Not useful for Real estate photography. But it might be good for product photography that doesn’t require a macro lens. One probably needs to have the camera on the tripod for that function.

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