Lightroom 7.3 April 2018 Update: Faster and Better!

April 5th, 2018

Tony Northrup has a nice concise summary of the latest improvements that were in the latest Lightroom 7.3 released this week. The highlights of this release are:

  1. Faster in many areas
  2. Profiles moved to the basic panel
  3. Improved profiles
  4. Dehaze moved to the basic panel

As we’ve mentioned before, if Lightroom is the center of your business workflow, it’s always prudent to not jump on new versions like this instantly or at least have a backup computer with the old version on it. After a week or month or so, the transition will be much safer.

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3 Responses to “Lightroom 7.3 April 2018 Update: Faster and Better!”

  • FWIW, 7.3 update installed smoothly for me, runs just fine. Win10, 2-core i5, 16GB RAM.
    (The safest course is always to wait, as said above. Improvements in 7.3 are very nice, but nothing most of us couldn’t live without for a while.)

  • Import was super slow with Files from an A7rii… but editing them was reasonable.

  • I updated to 7.3 and after a day of trying to work with it, I am back at v5. I shoot around 5 to 7 homes a day. Workflow is super important. With LR 5, I can pre-edit all of my exteriors, export, then start working on the interiors. With LR 7.3 not the case at all. Exporting just one homes exteriors (usually around 20 photos) and I cant use LR at all. Even when not exporting the software lags when moving between images. The new guided option for verticles is amazing, but not worth all the trouble. Unless they get the bugs worked out in making the software perform anywhere close to LR5, I will stick with what works.

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