Real Estate Photographer Taking Legal Action After Being Shot by Homeowner

March 28th, 2018

Thanks to Paul for pointing out this article over at

Paul says:

This is something that should be talked about – a habit I have is always speaking up loudly upon entering letting anyone inside know I’m there, even if it appears no one is there at all.

I would add that I would NOT go in the property if the alarm was set off. This is a clue that a photographer was not expected.

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2 Responses to “Real Estate Photographer Taking Legal Action After Being Shot by Homeowner”

  • It’s always safest to be let into an occupied property by the agent or the owner. Being shot at is probably not as common as being accused of stealing or breaking something in the house. You also don’t want the owner calling the agent and claiming that you drank all of the beer in the fridge or were swimming in the pool. I work weekends so I am available when owners are likely be to home. I am also very punctual so an owner can take some time off in the morning or afternoon to be there.

    The other issue is if things need to be moved or tidied up, you want the owner or agent doing that ahead of where you are shooting. Some people freak out if you move anything more than a chair at the dining room table.

    Vacant homes are getting to be a problem in my area due to squatters. If I see signs that somebody is living in a house that is supposed to be vacant, I call the agent/broker. The police aren’t interested, so calling them is pretty useless where I am.

    I agree that if you set an alarm off, leave the house and call the agent. It’s probably better to wait for a little bit to see if the police arrive. If you leave and a neighbor reports a description of your car and license plate number, you might wind up being pulled over and being asked to exit your car under gunpoint(s). You may also be visited at your home by law enforcement to find out what’s going on (and you will be considered to be lying no matter what you say).

  • I sold real estate for 15 years because I couldn’t make ends meet solely as a wedding/portrait shooter. Then RE shooting comes along, so now I’m a full time photographer with a Real Estate license. So I can open lockboxes.

    I’ve set off a few alarms. You back out, go to the car, call the agent, wait to see if the cops show up.

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