Inspiration… Where Do You Find Yours?

February 26th, 2018

I heard a staggering (and terrifying) statistic over the weekend… Did you know that the average person spends 116 minutes PER DAY on social media? This works out to approximately five years and four months over an average lifetime. Crazy! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve wasted my fair share of time creeping Facebook or watching useless videos on YouTube, but the real time-burglar in my life is when I start googling my favorite Real Estate/Interior and Architectural photographers around the world.

It’s not uncommon to find myself with 20 tabs open in my browser and two hours of my life gone. The time I spend browsing their images can often be as discouraging as it is inspiring but at the end of the day, I always come away excited about my next shoot. The talent out there is endless! Here are some of MY favorites:

Fair warning, you may want to clear your schedule before you go down this rabbit hole ; )

So, who inspires YOU?

Comment below and link to their website so we can be inspired too!

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10 Responses to “Inspiration… Where Do You Find Yours?”

  • I definitely concur with the aforementioned lists. Those guys are amazing.
    I just want to add some of my fave female photogs to the list:

  • I avoid FB, Twitter, Instagram and that sort of thing, but I do visit the PFRE Flickr site. I like that there is sometimes a description for the lighting approach and the critiques often cover issues that come up in my own images. I appreciate good images, but I can’t say that I seek out and routinely visit other photographer’s web sites.

    For inspiration, I look at the high end real estate and architectural magazines. The images are a finished cake with no recipe and it’s a fun challenge to try and figure out how the image was done.

    I’m always inspired to do better work, but I can’t say that I need “inspiration” to make RE photos day in and day out. So much of it is formulaic. A well decorated home will push me to go the extra mile and work compositions more and get the lighting just so.

  • As a young photographer, I inhaled the work of other photographers, worked as assistant for photographers whose work I admired and if they would have me. I fed on magazines.

    But as an old photographer now, I am less interested in seeing what other photographers do, with exceptions. Rather I inhale the new software for what it allows me to do, how it can help me improve my images. I shoot my images in camera with what I will do with them in post. I just need the right raw material for my post work. But when I do see great shots, I love seeing them it is just that I don’t seek them out.

    Now for video, I follow every link I can find. I am still a newbie to video and need every bit of inspiration I can find. Grant Johnston heads the list and the award winners here I also eat up.

  • Check out the images by photographer Jeffrey Jacobs. Stunning!

  • I love following the work of several of the ones listed already, plus a few off the top of my head –

    Kim Smith, Buffalo NY
    Lisa Petrole, Dallas
    Julian Abrams, London UK

  • Yikes, I almost forgot. One of the PFRE coaches, Barry MacKenzie, does absolutely stunning work as well. Always inspirational!

  • Brad Feinknopf out of Columbus Ohio. Beautiful work with a 4×5

  • Joe Fletcher –
    Mark Silverstein –
    Casey Dunn –

  • Beautiful work indeed. But these are the 1% of houses. My bread and butter work is smaller houses and apartments. A better test of skills and creativity would be more average structures. Or is this website a division of The Robb Report?

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