Panasonic GH5 for Shooting Real Estate Video – by Grant Johnston

February 9th, 2018

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8 Responses to “Panasonic GH5 for Shooting Real Estate Video – by Grant Johnston”

  • The GH5 is hands down one of the best cameras for real estate video. I use it for all my real estate video and photography work. This is a perfectly sized camera, sits beautifully both on my Ronin-M and Crane 2. I use the Lumix 7-14mm .. its only f4 however the low light performance on the GH5 is great, I’ve had the ISO up to 3500 with very acceptable results. Highly recommended.

  • I’ll bet the GH5 is sweet. Have you been able to shoot HDR video, or is that not available yet? I would buy it just for that.

  • Does is cost extra for HDR?

  • @ Grant, try shooting in Cine4. I’m sure the GH5 has that, and it’s much easier to grade then V-Log. It’s still flat, but the color and contrast are easier to grade. Sometimes all you have to do it put an adjustment layer above, and set it to softlight mode. You can then add a Lumetri effect to the softlight layer and tweak it’s opacity, saturation, etc. Super easy to grade this way.

  • I guess in with the GH5 it’s CineD. This video gives a more in-depth explanation to what I posted above-

  • Yes definitely enjoying the GH5. @leemiller Have yet to try the HDR video feature but hoping to get my head around it soon. @kelvinhammond yes I keep alternating between a slightly modified CineD and v-log. I’m off to a corporate shoot up in the bush with the GH5 this morning and its chucking it down with rain, thats going to be a challenge!

  • I definitely need this on my job..I’m always using other brand but I haven’t tried panasonic yet…

  • I bought a GH5 a late last year. Camera, several lenses, batteries, memory cards and flash I have about $6k invested into this setup. It does shoot great video, but not photo. I have not been able to get it to take a great real estate photo to save my life. A few weeks ago, I went back to my old Nikon D7000 because it simply takes a better picture. Earlier this week bought a Nikon D7500 because I wanted a 4K camera. For a bit over $2k, I got an entire setup with all the lenses, flash and batteries I needed. Shots better than the GH5 and as well or maybe a bit better than my old Nikon. So I will be selling my GH5 and buying another Nikon D7500 as a dedicated Video camera.

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