Photoshop CC’s New Subject Selection Feature May Speed Up Sky Replacements

February 2nd, 2018

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6 Responses to “Photoshop CC’s New Subject Selection Feature May Speed Up Sky Replacements”

  • Nothing in Tony’s video made me think this is something I’d use for sky replacements. I suppose it depends on the sorts of sky you usually replace. In my case they are nearly always blown out skies for which ‘select colour range’ works really well.

  • I don’t think this new tool will be at all usable for Sky Selection for replacements.

    As far as I can tell, there is no control over what the program initially decides to select. I tried using it on an image of a house, with a blue sky, and next to the house was a 25 foot tall tree that has nothing but bare branches (no leaves). The program did a really good job selecting the roof line of the house against the blue sky. It did not do all that well with where the house meets the ground (probably not significant for sky replacement). But, most importantly, it selected a large, roughly oval shaped area that contained the branches of the tree, but also the sky between those branches. Not at all suitable for sky replacement.

    I next tried making a rectangular selection of the top of the image, including the sky. As soon as you invoke Select Subject, you get a warning that your existing selection will be deleted before Select Subject begins analyzing the image. So, not only is there no way to control what the program should select, you can’t even constrain where the selection analysis should be done.

    I can see that this might be useful in a situation where the house is clearly defined against a sky with no nearby trees or other obstructions, in this situation a Select Color will do the same thing and probably do it just as fast with the added advantage that you can see what is being selected as you add (+) to the selection.

    This is an amazing tool which will come in very handy for making selections of many subjects, but not, I think, for Sky Selection.

  • +1 to the previous comments. As Matt mentioned, doing the ‘color range’ selection is a great way to go for sky replacements – certainly my preferred technique.

  • +1

    I use Color Range selection as well. Easy and takes 10 seconds.

  • I usually make a duplicate layer, mask the trees and house and click the top layers slider to remove the sky. Color range doesn’t work as much for me as many of my skies are more than blown just blown out skies I have to work with various blues.automations rarely work for me outside of edit fill on basic things

  • I use both color range and focus selection tools, probably the latter more often. Usually really fast and accurate.

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