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January 26th, 2018

Peter Drought in the UK says:

We are in the process of trying to start up a Facebook discussion group specifically for the UK / Europe property photography market. I was just wondering if you would be prepared to share the link as we are trying to spread the message to anyone who might potentially be interested. Property Photography is a sector of the market that has started to grow in the UK in the last few years, and up until now, there haven’t been that many resources and places to discuss it here.

Check out Peter’s Property Photography/Estate Agent Photography Facebook group here.

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2 Responses to “Checkout the UK/Europe Property Photography Facebook Group”

  • Thanks Larry. I just joined. It will be interesting to see what is happening in Europe. The UK seems as up to date as we are as well as Australia and New Zealand. I am sure there will be debates as to who is leading whom. But I know if France just 3 years ago when I was selling a small vacation house there were not RE photographers nor anything like to use. But since then I have seen some Tourbuzz type platforms and good photography springing up. Even in the fairly large city of Nice there was nothing. I am sure Paris was different. But it will be interesting to see the input from all over Europe as the group gains traction.
    Thank for posting that.

  • Just requested to join too..????????

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