How to Meet up with Real Estate Photographers in Your Local Area

January 9th, 2018

Pete in the Seattle area asks:

Do you know of a Pacific Northwest real estate photographers association? I want to mix it up with my peers to exchange information and experiences.

I know what you mean. I met for lunch or dinner several times with real estate photographers in the Puget Sound area and it was a lot of fun. I don’t know of an association but a great way for real estate photographers to find each other, meet up, and get to know each other offline is As the video above explains, it’s an infrastructure for finding a group of people that you’d like to meet. It should work anywhere. I’d be happy to create a page here on the blog that lets people know about local meetup groups.

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10 Responses to “How to Meet up with Real Estate Photographers in Your Local Area”

  • Meetup,com can be an expensive way to hold some informal gatherings since they charge the organizer a fee. I’ve had the same thought about getting together a few moderately close by RE photographers for an evening of swapping stories and exchanging tips and tricks. I’ve talked with Rich Baum about coaching and I would like to attend some of the workshops, but so far it’s been more money than I can spare or the timing has been inconvenient. I usually have the time or the money, but rarely both at the same time.

    Reach out to people here on or the Flickr group that are near you and see if they’d be interested.

  • I too have had the thought of getting together with other RE photographers for a bull session where we can get to know each other. As long as we stay isolated, the clients have a advantage over us that can drive a wedge between us that we don’t even know about.

    So, in my area, So Cal, I would imagine that we would need a very big venue for a get together.

    Larry’s offer sounds like a winner.

  • My Facebook Group is has over 4000 members.

  • Jerry,

    I’d meet up with you. I’m in Costa Mesa.

  • Must admit, one of the major advantages of this would be to help each other out in times of sickness, the “very” occasional holiday etc.

  • If any Tampa Bay photographers would like to get together, count me in!

  • While my local meetup with the real estate photographers in my region would pretty much consist entirely of looking into the mirror, I think a meetup would be lots of informative fun. Meantime, this PFRE forum itself is my best and most appreciated version of Meetup.

    “Thank you!” to our gracious host.

  • Vegas! ok, ok, maybe not Vegas unless people are going to NAB or another trade show. Larry, is it worth the effort to put up a page on photography relevant trade shows?

    Irvine on a weekend would work. I can hop the Metrolink train and save a bunch of gas money. It’s only $10 for a full day ticket on the weekends. The last train is at 6:30ish, so evenings are out. LA Union station is a good place to meet up and for at least me, it puts the last train at around 9pm. The last train from LA to OC is 4:40p on Metrolink and 10:13p on Amtrak. There are several great places to hang out within walking distance. Olvera St is nearby and is great for street photography and awesome food. There’s the Boomtown Brewery not too far away. EV charging stations everywhere.

  • One thing that you might consider is hosting a PFRE house. This will give you the chance to not only talk but to see how others work.
    In this shot we grouped everyone’s strobes to light the entire interior. Everyone became an assistant, and everyone saw what it might take to get this in a single exposure…

  • @Wayne, great idea. It’s a lot more involved than a chance to sit down and swap stories and fiddle around with some problem images on a laptop with others to get some input on techniques to try when faced with that lighting problem in the future. It’s also a good forum for portfolio critiques, business issues, etc. I’m itching to put some money away for some of the great workshops people are offering, but the more informal meetups can be very valuable too. Online works, but I do a lot of writing already with other projects and the chance to use my vocal cords instead would be novel.

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