Window Pull in Darken Mode – In-depth Expanded Tutorial by Rich Baum

January 5th, 2018

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10 Responses to “Window Pull in Darken Mode – In-depth Expanded Tutorial by Rich Baum”

  • Thanks for this tutorial! I have been doing HDR to get those windows views but this is really clean.

  • Really terrific tutorial, thanks so much. I’d been slowly getting the general idea, but this video nails down all the step-by-step details I needed. Thank you!

  • Thanks Rich for the tutorial on Darken Mode. I have been using the pen tool and, you are right, it takes much longer. I plan to use this technique on the next shoot that warrants a good view from outside. Cheers

  • Great video….thanks for sharing this handy technique! Now to go practice it. (And if anyone asks, I’ll call it the “Baum Technique”.)

  • I’ve been using this technique for the last year or so when the view warrants it. It really does work well, and as you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time at all. The hardest part is not getting reflections off the glass.

  • Great video! Thank you!

  • Forgot to add- a couple things that I would like to add is that you want to change your WB to Daylight (if during daytime hours) and I also change my aperture to f/16 so the view can be in better focus.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words.. I am happy I can help with your photography.
    Jim, I always shoot in RAW with Auto WB so it really doesn’t matter to me but surely yes you can change your WB.. And as far as adjusting your aperture for the window view, sure you can do that but I always just keep it the same 7.1 as I am shooting with.. But good point.

  • Rich-
    I meant change your WB in post. Oops!

  • Thanks for this tutorial — it really demystifies a lot! I’ll definitely use this in the future, especially in the higher-end sessions. (Yes, I admit 80% of the time I make only ONE shot — exposing for windows — using a camera-mounted flash diffused off the light ceiling in TTL, then bring up shadows/reduce highlights etc in LR. We call this laziness in my neighborhood – Ha) Your methods and results are World-Class, Sir! Thank you for sharing this, Rich.

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