Announcing the Rich Baum “Tips & Tricks” Real Estate Photography 2 Day Workshop Tour

January 3rd, 2018

If you have watched Rich Baum’s YouTube videos, you can now spend two full days with Rich for a hands-on photography workshop learning all the techniques he teaches in his videos. The 2018 tour will kick off in beautiful and historic Auburn, California Feb. 28 to Mar. 1, 2018.

 Click here for more details and to signup

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is designed for the real estate photographer looking to build their “bag of tricks” and learn to shoot better, faster, and produce a more consistent product that will help take them to the next level. Most of the techniques we will be working on will already be on the “Tips & Tricks” Youtube Channel so you can watch all the videos and catch up before your workshop.

Cost and details:

  • $850 for 2 full days
  • 10 Attendees max.
  • Auburn, CA (Northern California / Sacramento Area)
  • Within 50 miles of Sacramento International Airport
  • Lodging and Restaurants within 5 miles
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8 Responses to “Announcing the Rich Baum “Tips & Tricks” Real Estate Photography 2 Day Workshop Tour”

  • Do we stay at Rich’s house?

  • Rich,
    How about coming out to the Baltimore area????!!!!

  • Sorry but my wife won’t let my friends stay over for this workshop Mr Lyons
    Seriously there are dozens of inexpensive hotels in Auburn within 5 minutes of the workshop location.
    Kathy, I will be taking the show on the road the second half of the year. Most likely Vegas or Arizona but if you would like to send
    Me an e mail we could talk about having a workshop near you.

  • I am booked and ready. Looking forward to taking my game to the next level with the help of one Rich Baum….

  • Troy, so happy you joined on, we’re not only going to learn but it’s guarenteed to be a really fun time.

  • I sure would like to do Vegas. Not sure if I want to wait that long. lol.

  • Well Mike, if you like you can come to the March 21 & 22 Workshops

  • I will now be hosting 1 or 2 workshops in Seattle around Mid April so stay tuned or send me an e mail for more info

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