Is There an Advantage to Having Tourbuzz Create a Slide Show of Your Still Images?

December 17th, 2017

Bert in Oregon asked:

Is there any advantage to paying Tourbuzz to push the tours out to your YouTube channel instead of just uploading them yourself?

First, I would warn that in general, putting the still images from your shoot into a YouTube slideshow is not visually the most effective way to present a property. A full-size Tourbuzz tour is far more effective visually. A YouTube slideshow is very effective from a marketing standpoint because YouTube is the second largest search engine. Just be clear about why you are using YouTube.

That said, here is the Tourbuzz support answer to your question. Matt at Tourbuzz support said:

The way our YouTube integration works is that the client (agent) attaches their YouTube channel from their client panel and then when the mp4 video generation happens for that particular tour it automatically posts to the agent’s YouTube channel.

The benefits of this are 1) the agent has another way to market themselves and their listing with the “branded” version. 2) The photographer can up-sell the video generation. Either version of the video (branded or unbranded) costs 3 credits to generate or 5 for both. BUT the marketing value to the agent is usually much higher than the cost to the photographer. So it’s an easy way to make an extra $15 or so on every deliverable.

Note that the YouTube video at the top of the post is an example of a branded YouTube slideshow created by Tourbuzz. Note that it contains mostly stills but it also has some video clips in it.

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8 Responses to “Is There an Advantage to Having Tourbuzz Create a Slide Show of Your Still Images?”

  • Lightroom slideshow does a really nice job on these, and can put movement in your stills to keep interest and add a more professional look. I think they look more polished than Tourbuzz, but just my opinion. If you haven’t tried Lightroom for this, some hints. Sort your images/videos to show in a walk through order, then really recommend you downsize your finished images to speed up the processing. Export at say 75%, then re-import the smaller images and drop into the Slideshow tab. Once you’ve got a template setup, the next slideshow video is ready to go, just pop in your group of images, change the music, and export the finished MP4 to upload on YouTube. Export of the finished MP4 video and upload to YouTube can be time-consuming but it can run in the background while you do other tasks. This is one of the easiest adders for anyone wanting to grow their business. Offering these can distinguish your business as many do not do these … yet. Tourbuzz doing it for you? Not sure it saves much time in the end since much of the import and export tasks will remain. The list of things to do when you are a one-person shop is pretty long, so appreciate some folks may benefit from the inexpensive Tourbuzz option. Still Lightroom is an option you may like to try. This link is to a sample video put together for my website:

  • I offer Tourbuzz tours to my clients and use Lightroom for my own marketing. I can bang out a Tourbuzz tour in about 10 minutes.

  • Thanks Denise! I am still new to Lightroom and was wondering if it has capability to do slideshows. I will check it out.
    I have been using Virtually Show for slideshows, they’re pricing is great – I can get 10 slideshows for $100 and offer it as an add-on for $25ea. I just upload the photos and choose the music. They offer branded, unbranded, YouTube, etc etc… lots of bells and whistles that I haven’t even used yet.
    On the other hand, I am an agent and I work in a top-producing beach office. Right now, and for the past year, the buzz is all about aerial videos so the slideshows are being overlooked. They are also incorporating a walkthrough video in the middle of the aerial, but I am even less impressed with these – lighting is off and it can be confusing for the viewer IMO.
    Personally I think the aerial videos are okay, but not stellar. I would rather zip through some photos than sit and watch a 4 minute video any day of the week. But that’s just a personal preference. However, we post them all to a Vimeo channel and when I looked at stats, only about 25% of the videos are watched to completion. Secretly, I think the 25% is my broker since I hear the music starting almost every afternoon in his office. Hahaha.
    Other agents use a photog who uses TourBuzz but I just prefer Virtually Show and now maybe Lightroom! Thanks again Denise!

  • There is a program called Pro Show gold, or producer that can create some spectacular videos from your still images, including a great choice of music to choose from.
    Producer has a steep learning curve, but its worth the effort.

  • Eric-
    Thanks for that recommendation. Just downloaded the free trial and it produces a nice looking video.

    One thing I love about TourBuzz is the branded tours that have links for a map and neighborhood stats, plus more.

  • I have been using Tourbuzz for all my listings. I love it. Very happy with their latest html5 template (zephire?). The ease of use, automation, value, etc are worth the price per tour IMO.

  • I’ve been using Tourbuzz for a long time. For me, it is very convenient and helps me to organize images and video clips. For the agent, it creates a fully self-contained webpage complete with whatever extra buttons you wish to provide (i.e., schools, maps, community info, etc). The low price is very reasonable, too.

    One added note: I do NOT allow the option for my clients to interface with the page or edit it, for the simple reason that they will see how cheap and easy this is and take ME out of the equation.

  • I use TourBuzz for all my virtual tours and absolutely love them.

    The question is whether it is worthwhile to spend the extra few dollars to have the tour turned into a YouTube video.

    I have two clients who like the YouTube videos of the tour so I provide it for them and I have mixed feelings. I hate the cropped sides of the video and the thumbnail is usually less than ideal. The clients have difficulty logging in and changing the thumbnail themselves. I do love the one click convenience once it is set up with their YouTube account, but again, getting them to set up the link to their YouTube account can be frustrating if they are not savvy. I charge them $10, it takes one click after it is set up so it is worth doing, but I wish I had more control.

    I am looking into alternative slideshow video options but since I also provide full motion videos I would rather sell a real video than a YouTube slideshow. If they are satisfied with the automated one click product I may just stick with that.

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