Integrated Online Management System for Real Estate Photographers

December 14th, 2017

Michael in NJ says:

I love your website. I’ve been doing virtual tours since 2004 and have built up an amazing group of talents over the years. The biggest problem I have is finding an integrated online solution that can handle order entry/scheduling/workflow

routing/management–all tied in to a CRM system. I’ve been looking through your site and haven’t had much success finding a topic on this issue. I guess as our businesses grow, in order to build more opportunities without slipping in quality control and management, we have to have working and integrated solutions to better service our clients.

Can you point me in the right direction? Is there a section on your website that addresses my concerns?

Yes; as a matter of fact, one of the PFRE blog’s advertisers, provides the features you are looking for. To try it out, click here or click on the top ad on the right sidebar just below where is says “About Larry”. Barry, the owner, is a long time reader and participant in the PFRE community.

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14 Responses to “Integrated Online Management System for Real Estate Photographers”

  • That Full Frame looks quite good. It would be nice to see more info on the site.

    I am currently trialling a system called Ubookr.

    It doesn’t have CRM. But it is a great on-line booking system that has an app for android and iPhone. Agents can log on and book with customisable services, add ons etc. It seems to integrate well with other systems. Also connects to Xero for instant invoicing which is the main reason I’m trialling it.

    This isn’t an endorsement just yet as I only installed it toady. I have a rep coming for a demo in a few days. Worth a look though.

  • Look up Rob Estep… he just built one and has been a long time VR shooter. I will try to get his website and repost it here.

  • is the site… check it out

  • Every one of these services I’ve tried falls a bit short. Either they require a non-compete, put the agent above the photographer, don’t offer enough, require a CC in order to get the free trial ect.

  • Be careful with Full Frame. If you don’t continue your monthly subscription, all of your tours are taken offline. They should all come with a minimum of a year imho.

  • I’ve been using and love it. It’s feature packed and costs less than the others I’ve seen.

  • Wannabeyou – Why on earth would a CRM, booking and proofing system require a none compete from its own clients? It is simply a tool that you pay to use to help with admin, or am I missing something here. That sounds more like a property marketing/tour company.

  • @ Kevin – I can tell you that after using Full Frame, for well over a year, they do not delete your tours! Their policy is to leave it up to the photographer how long the tours stay up. If you don’t continue your subscription you simply won’t have access to your admin and client center. That seems fair. I would go with Full Frame. They are extremely responsive and seem to listen to what the photographer needs.

  • Ive been a FullFrame subscriber for a little while now and very, very happy.

    It was a big step for me, handing over all of my workflows to ONE system. There are a few standout items as to what it has done for my business.

    First, the way the agent schedules online and navigates through the system, improved my add-on rate dramatically. Almost instantly, my average invoice amount increased by just over 18%! I thought it was an anomaly but it has proven to be fairly consistent. As a result, I am making more per shoot and not finding it necessary to raise my prices for 2018 because I am more profitable. (In hindsight, I could have probably increased that 18% with a better pricing structure to begin with…)

    Second, the Property Website and Flyer Maker (while not over-utilized by my agents) has been a huge selling point. When they finally “get it” see the website analytics and can track their social media posts, it gives them another tool to use to win more listings.

    Third, the integration with iGuide, Matterport, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. on the Property Website is awesome. it gives the agent the perfect venue to showcase the listing with every possible marketing item (purchased through me, of course!)

    All I was looking for, was a way to streamline my workflow. As a single shooter company time is everything. The cost seemed high when I was initially looking for solutions but very quickly I realized that this system pays for itself and more.

    Now, while this system is nearly perfect for me, the real test is how any company (FullFrame in this instance) handles problems when they arise. System uptime is dramatically over 99% the one time I couldn’t get in, they were on it immediately. They even followed up later that day to make sure things were still going well.

    Im happy, my agents are happy and even those “seasoned agents” who reject technologies are coming around. The transition went well and I wish I had done it earlier.

    I have no affiliation with FullFrame other than as a customer. If you would like to ask me anything, feel free to call or email me. I am not on PFRE very much but would be willing to talk with you.

    David Kingston

  • I work at Full Frame and I’m happy to shed a little more light on the System. Our users range from photography companies that shoot over 1000 listings a month to individuals who are just starting out with just a few shoots. Full Frame allows you to set-up and run your business the way that you want while creating an efficient workflow.

    Kevin brings up an important question to ask before you set up your entire business on a platform. Full Frame certainly DOES NOT delete a user’s tours once they stop their monthly subscription. If a photographer decides to end their subscription, which can be done at any time, tours will be kept active for one year from the time they were uploaded.

    There are so many great features with Full Frame. I truly believe with all of my heart that this company is the way to go when building your future.

    Josh Lamb –
    Full Frame Systems

  • Does anyone have experience with both ViewShoot and FullFrame that could offer a comparison of feature?

  • I have been with FF for a while now and it has totally changed my business for the better. By adding add-ons that agents can choose at checkout, my ave sale is up to almost $400 per shoot.

    Also it totally intergrated perfectly with my merchant services.

    Client retention is also a big plus.

  • I’ve been using FF for a while now and it has been great. I’ve tried to find other sites that offer as much or priced better but there is no one else. They are continually adding features and evolving to meet the needs of the photographer and real estate agent. While it’s not a perfect system it suits my clients and me just fine. There are multiple property website templates to choose from, Agents get flyer templates to use, walkability scores, google maps, web site statistics and more. Virtual tours can be added and their response to questions is good. There is a good option for billing and receiving payments from your clients but I wish there was a tie-in to Quickbooks. Overall I would highly recommend FF for your real estate photography business.

  • I’ve been using Viewshoot for over a year and have been very happy. Their recent addition of a scheduling function is something I will be considering for 2018. Their responsiveness to issues or down time has been amazing!

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