Check out PaySnap for Automatic Delivery of Real Estate Photos after Payment

December 12th, 2017

Traditionally real estate photographers had two main options when it came to how they approached payment collection:

  • Pay First: Require payment before shooting
  • Pay Later: Deliver photos with an invoice

However, with the shift to online payment and file sharing more photographers are choosing a third option:

  • Auto-Delivery: Automatically deliver photos after payment

There are pros and cons to each option and which one is right for you depends on your personal approach to business, your clientele, and your local market.

But if you’re just getting started or you’re considering revamping your payment and delivery process, auto-delivery is worth looking into because it’s such a nice compromise between requiring payment upfront and extending credit. Auto-delivery gives you reliably fast payment and gives your agents the convenience of not having to dig out their wallets until photos are ready.

With that said, take a look at PaySnap; a dead simple solution for auto-delivery of photos after payment. It’s built specifically for real estate photography by a photographer based in Virginia Beach and I think PaySnap is designed and implemented nicely. It’s free to sign up, there are no monthly fees, and you’ll only pay $0.99 each time you use it. Check out the demo payment page and delivery page.

You will need to set up a Stripe account to collect payment but you’re free to use any file sharing program of your choice. Just provide a download link (DropBox,, or your own custom location) and PaySnap will hide that link behind a sleek payment page until your client pays. You can also hide virtual tour and video links this way.

Again, how you collect payment and deliver photos will depend on your unique business needs. But auto-delivery with a service like PaySnap is worth investigating.

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8 Responses to “Check out PaySnap for Automatic Delivery of Real Estate Photos after Payment”

  • This is perfect timing as I was just about to do some research into solving this issue. I’ll still use Square for the bulk of my clients, but I have a few in mind that will be getting Paysnap invoices from now on! =)


  • Even better, check out Much more functionality for the same price as mentioned above.

  • Jimmy, how can you say the prices are similar? Viewshoot has a monthly fee and PaySnap does not.

  • I like this better than viewshoot based on the simplicity and lack of monthly fees. Don’t get me wrong… viewshoot is a great tool, but I don’t need it to manage my entire business… just my slow-paying clients. The only thing that would make this a sure winner is if it could incorporate Square for card processing. I’d hate to have to have yet another account to manage.

    Way to go Paysnap!

  • As luck would have it… only minutes after posting my earlier response, I received a call from a new client. Long story short, I didn’t have a good feeling about getting paid for this one so figured I’d check out Paysnap. Thought it would be the perfect “insurance” for getting paid. I easily set up my account and was transferred to Stripe to set up my merchant account. I immediately had a bad feeling about Stripe. While I understand needing my name, address, bank account info, etc… I wasn’t too sure about giving up my birthdate, social security number, and EIN. I certainly don’t remember needing any of that for Paypal or Square… so I stopped setting up my account. I proceeded to look up reviews about Stripe and while the reviews didn’t seem bad, the comments left by former Stripe users were all bad… ALL of them! Who didn’t get paid, who had accounts frozen, no customer support, etc.

    Has anyone had experience with Stripe for processing payments?

    Again, I reiterate… Paysnap itself seems perfect, minus the issue with stripe.

  • I can relate with George. I too was looking at Stripe (nothing to do with paysnap) and found the same negative feedback about those who didn’t get paid, frozen accounts, and such. Chose not to take a chance on having some type of issue. I’m using PayPal for cc/dc payments and have no issues. I just email the invoice and when the invoice is paid provide the download info.

  • Thanks, George and Michael, for your feedback about Stripe. I created PaySnap initially just to use for myself, which is why Stripe is the only option right now. I’ve used Stripe as my payment processor of choice in photography and have never once had a problem. Stripe is also a favorite among us web developers because it’s so easy to integrate into our apps. Square and PayPal are more difficult to work with on a development side, especially for small developers like me.

    But I created PaySnap because I wanted something super simple and flexible. Because flexibility is so important to me, integrating with Square and PayPal are at the top of my development “to-do” list for PaySnap. So stay tuned!

  • Perfect. I’ve been looking for this for what seems like forever.

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