Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos

December 7th, 2017

Over the years I’ve made it a habit to occasionally pass a long some of the sites that feature bad MLS photo. It’s frankly amazing how many of these sites there are. These sites are always good for a few laughs. Here are several sites that I’ve come across recently:

  1. Bad MLS Photos
  2. Terrible Listing Photos
  3. What not to do when selling
  4. Hooked on homes
  5. Lessons bad MLS photos teach
  6. So Cal MLS Hall of Shame
  7. Lovely Listing
  8. Terrible real estate agent Photographs

It’s just amazing how lazy and ridiculous agents are that actually load these photos on listings!

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4 Responses to “Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos”

  • Drone photos & videos deserve a special place in the category of unbelievably bad photos because someone paid money to buy a drone or hire someone with one (plus get their FAA license).

  • What a fun way to start out a Friday. These photos are great…..well, great to look at for a few laughs. The photos with pets in them remind me of a photo I delivered on the second home I shot after starting in this business. The homeowner had a little white poodle that would not leave me alone. The guy kept having to pick up the dog and take it back into his office where he was waiting out the shoot. At some point the dog made it to the living room and parked on the couch. I didn’t notice and delivered a photo with the dog in it. I swear when editing it looked like a pillow. It was when the agent called me and asked if there was a similar photo without a dog in it that I realized what happened. Fortunately there were a few good photos without the dog as my photoshop skills at that time would have only made matters worse. Thankfully the agent understood, had a laugh, and still calls from time to time.

  • @ Bob Cowen — please, please please help me out by explaining why these photos are such terrible examples of real estate marketing.

  • Scott: I think you’ve misinterpreted my comment (or I could have stated it more clearly). Drone photos are great but the ones that fall under the “terrible” category are especially bad because someone paid for a drone and/or paid someone that owns a drone to take them. Probably all (or most) of the terrible photos (of all types) are done by the agent themselves without an immediately identifiable out-of-pocket cost to them. I would fire my agent if he/she posted lousy photos of my property. I would hope that potential sellers would not consider an agent who’s prior listings photos are poor.

    Your aerials are outstanding.

    Here is an example of what I mean by an example of bad drone photos:

    If you look at his listings, I suspect he takes all of the photos himself and has his own drone. But I could not find him in the FAA database.

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