Congratulations Gary Kasl – November PFRE Photographer of the Month

November 23rd, 2017

Congratulations to Gary Kasl in Carlsbad, CA, who the jury has voted PFRE Photographer of the Month for November. This is Gary’s second win as the PFRE Photographer of the Month.

Here are the entries that the jurors awarded points to this month in order of points awarded:

  1. Gary Kasl #1
  2. Matt Davis #32
  3. Dan Green #21
  4. Garett Buell #34
  5. Dave Spencer #24
  6. Franz Rabe #31
  7. Bruce Willits #10
  8. Garey Gomez #30
  9. Mike Burman #29
  10. Katrin Uusoja #6
  11. Caleb Vandermeer #11
  12. Tony Thompson #25

Here are Gary’s comments:

I just want to say thanks to the judges and everyone who is a part of this community! I really love being a part of it. I’m also grateful for my awesome clients who call me to shoot stuff like this. This place is just breathtaking. I spent about 10 hours on site and I could have spent another 10 easily. Honestly, every composition I made, I had this contest in mind. I’m very happy with how the entire set came out but there were a few shots that really shined, this was one of them. I’m so happy it was able to stand out from the other great entries this month. I’m really looking forward to next month too, should be a close one! Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Next month the jury will be choosing a PFRE photographer of the year from the 2017 monthly winners.

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16 Responses to “Congratulations Gary Kasl – November PFRE Photographer of the Month”

  • Congratulations Gary! my favorite fr m this month and well deserved!

  • Congratulations Gary! Awesome photo!

  • Congrats Gary! Such a terrific capture and a well-deserved win!

  • Congrats Gary! I enjoyed seeing the whole set on the facebook group. Definitely an inspiring place to shoot!

  • Shot Gary ! Refreshing to see a bit of a different angle – super shot !

  • Congratulations Gary!

  • Congratulations Gary. Happy Holidays!

  • Stand out shot Gary. Excellent work!

  • Congratulations, Gary!

  • Many congrats, Gary…awesome photo!

  • Congrats Gary! Great capture!

  • Congrats Gary, the image really is a stand-out one!

  • Congratulations. Very nice composition with the angles.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Just beautiful in all respects – angles, lighting and originality of concept. The client must be delighted!!

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