What Is Your Favorite Milage Tracking Smartphone App?

November 21st, 2017

Steven in New Jersey says:

I work hard to keep good records and I used to use an app called MileIQ but it’s 60 bucks a year. I went on a mission to find a competitor that has the same app for less and found TripLog. It’s 15 bucks a year for a GPS tracker with IRS compliant reports. If you don’t track your milage (it does the math for you) you’re giving up 53.5 cents per mile. I’m guessing I have a $10 to $15  deduction in every shoot. Here’s a link.

I have to agree with Steven. Sure, you can keep a written log but that is a huge pain! There are a number of smartphone apps that do this for you. Here are some of these apps:

  1. Mileage Log – IOS
  2. Auto Miles –  IOS
  3. Klicks – IOS only
  4. TriplogIOS & Android
  5. MileIQ – Android & IOS

These are just the more popular ones; there are many more. I think real estate photographers that aren’t using one of these should take a look. They can save you a bunch of time and money and give you a detailed insight into how many business miles you have driven.

What is your favorite mileage tracking App?

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9 Responses to “What Is Your Favorite Milage Tracking Smartphone App?”

  • MileBug.

  • A word of caution when relying on these apps. If for some reason your phone location system is turned off, then you will not get the info from these apps. Found out the hard way on that one.

  • I have a job sheet that I fill out for each job with spaces for start and ending odometer readings. I keep a spreadsheet with miles for each business I have. Apps?pffffftttttt.

    I’m starting to put customer notes on my job sheets so I have a reference about their preferences when I’m on the job and can note any specific features of the property they want images of if they aren’t going to be on site with me. I just take my generic job sheet and customize a copy to be specific for a customer. They all live in a folder on my computer and I can’t print one out when I need it. I have generic one printed out that I can fill out and use as a reference when I book a job.

    Always ask yourself if an app is really solving a problem that isn’t more easily solved without it. Even if you completely forget to note the mileage you can use Google maps to get a pretty close approximation. As they say, “close enough for Government work”. If the tax man is double checking you during an audit, they’ll probably use Google Maps too.

  • I claim all the mileage on my car as business related because I always use it to drive somewhere to take photos. We use my wife’s car when we do something recreational.

  • MileIQ, simple and it can email monthly reports for my records.

  • My CPA gives me a small mileage logbook every year. Every day before I leave my driveway for a photo shoot I jot down the name of the client, where the shoot is located, what vehicle I’m driving and the beginning mileage. When I return home, I write down the ending mileage. Easy, simple and the cost? Free.

  • google maps, directions from office to shoot times 2.

  • I use a lab notebook (the type that makes onvious if pages have been torn out) and a black inkpen. EVERY time I get in my car, I note the date and time, where I am, where I’m headed, the purpose of the trip, and the mileage on the odometer. Once a week, I enter the information in a spreadsheet, calculate deductible mileage, and make a corresponding entry into QuickBooks.
    I am able to use this information to determine how long I spend on a shoot, and (average) transportation cost per job.

  • @Reed – I do too, makes it sooooo easy!! And my order log book and ‘work car’ odometer match perfectly (in case I ever got audited).

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