Is Anyone Using the Airmap App?

November 6th, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Kelvin pointed out that there is a new app available for IOS and Android available called Airmap that automates the process of contacting airspace authorities.

The Airmap website describes how the App works as follows:

AirMap makes it easy to discover airspace advisories, create a flight plan, and contact airspace authorities. Now, we’ve digitally automated airspace authorization for access to the first 4 LAANC prototype evaluation sites.

Drone operators can apply for two types of authorization with AirMap:

Automated Authorization: Fly within pre-approved zones and altitudes in controlled airspace to receive authorization from participating ATC facilities.

Manual Authorization: Flights outside of pre-approved zones and altitudes require manual approval by ATC. Request hassle-free authorization in the AirMap app and receive confirmation in 30 days or less.

Apparently Airmap currently only works at SJC, RNO, LNK, CVG, and ZMP. Is anyone using this app?

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3 Responses to “Is Anyone Using the Airmap App?”

  • It looks it will be cool when they have it available everywhere. For now it looks like it’s only available in select places.

    If you want to be sure just call Lockheed Martin flight service. You can file NOTAMS with them and get weather briefings as well.

    This is what I use when I fly fixed wing aircraft and sUAS operations.!/
    Or you can call 1-800-WX-BRIEF

  • I’ve been using AirMap for months. It’s more accurate than B4UFly from the FAA. You have always been able to add your flight, the difference now is that a few airports accept the flights posted in AirMap instead of having to call them directly.

  • I’ve used AirMap for a while now. The new process for receiving ATC approval is seamless and easy. My service area is Phoenix, AZ which is not ‘officially’ rolled out on the AirMap app, but in actuality it is functioning. I used the new tool last week for the first time. Created the flight plan, which was in Class B airspace no fly zone. I submitted the flight plan and received FAA approval within 5 seconds. Easy Peasy.

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