Hey – There Are Scammers Everywhere!

October 19th, 2017

Peggy in Alabama says:

Hey – just a heads up. There are scammers everywhere. I received a text yesterday asking me to shoot a reunion in Orlando. I asked them for their website. The number that texted me was listed on the site, along with 2-3 others. I went to their package offerings, and the link sent me to a completely different site. It did this on each of the packages I had looked at. I then called the number and the call was declined.

I then went to the other site, which looked very legit, and tried to send them a contact message via their site. It wouldn’t work. I called them and got voice mail and left a message. Their photography website had been hijacked and they weren’t aware of it. The other site was using all of their content.

Yes, everything online is hackable and can be used to scam people! Your example is the tip of a huge problem going on in our society today. We have all this wonderful online technology that makes our lives more convenient and efficient but the downside is it’s implemented with technology that is totally insecure. Every day we find out about another once trusted major part of our online infrastructure that has been turned into an online scam.

I’m halfway through the current best selling book Future Crimes by Marc Goodman. The video above is a distillation of his book. Marc’s message is that our connected technology that is expanding exponentially is NOT as secure as we assume it to be. Little or no consideration has been given to making it secure! The scammers understand this and are taking advantage of it big time.

Real estate photography is an online business that also makes use of this online infrastructure but don’t trust any of it! Be skeptical of everything online – there are scammers everywhere!

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5 Responses to “Hey – There Are Scammers Everywhere!”

  • I don’t understand that scam. We is their gain by falsely scheduling you to shoot a reunion?

  • I’m not sure what the point of the scam is either but I used to get them once a week for an entire year. It’s been a while though.

  • I get one or two texts a week like this: “Hello, my name is , i will like to know your availability for 29th Oct, 2017 just 5 hours service and do you accept credit card pay”. Notice the poor grammar and capitalization. A sure sign of spam/phishing. Be careful out there!

  • The scams have variations on phishing or “We will send you a check to cover your expenses and you can give us the change” They may wire $5000 for a $400 job and then the victim remits $4600 back only to find that the money they thought was in their account is no longer there as the transfer was bogus.
    They may also ask you for banking info and other info that opens you to be ID hijacked.

    As I no longer do retail (family, weddings, seniors etc.) photography I ignore them.

  • @Mark’s got the general concept, but there are variations like asking for you to pay other vendors as they don’t accept credit cards over the phone. The card will turn out to be stolen and will be charged back. The check or money order you send to the caterer or venue will have been cashed right away and the money long gone.

    Spelling and grammar can be an indicator, but I’ve seen job postings from major corporations that have been even worse.

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