Lightroom Transform Panel Is Essential Post-Processing Software for Real Estate Photographers

October 18th, 2017

Peter in the UK says:

I am trying to streamline my workflow and editing. Currently, the majority of work is done using Lightroom CC on a Mac. My main issue is the “transform” controls in Lightroom. Although this section of the software has automated settings (auto, vertical, etc.), 90% of the time, these fail and I have to resort to “guided” which is fine, but I feel it wastes a lot of time.

Was just wondering if you know of any other plugins for Lightroom that are more effective in terms of automatic perspective correction and straightening. I am generally pretty accurate at the time of shooting, but prefer to polish things off with the software, for the sake of a good job.

Your workflow is exactly the same as mine. When shooting interiors, I get the verticals close using a geared tripod head and then during post-processing I click on “Auto” in the Transform panel of Lightroom CC to perfect the verticals. I find that virtually every time Auto fixes the verticals perfectly! I’m not sure what you are doing differently. I asked Peter to send me an example of an image that Lightroom Transform fails to correct so I can understand his problem, but have not heard back as of yet.

I know of no other software that even comes close to the functionality of Lightroom Transform. This is why I consider Lightroom absolutely essential for real estate photographers!

Anyone have any ideas for Peter?

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9 Responses to “Lightroom Transform Panel Is Essential Post-Processing Software for Real Estate Photographers”

  • The new Lightroom Classic fixes the vertical problems that many people complained about on the previous update of Lightroom.

  • Previous iterations (more or less 4 updates back) of Lightroom used to be quite spot-on with auto perspective correction & straightening, but in the latest versions have been completely off for me – not even getting it remotely right.

    Glad to hear that Lightroom Classic could be back on track with it – will give it a twirl.

  • I am experiencing the same thing. Previously the automatic upright functions would work just fine, but since the last 6-12 months or so it screws things up. So now for almost all of my photo’s I use the manual guidelines. Hopefully in the new CC classic they have fixed this.

  • When we are onsite there is no reason not to get the verticals ALMOST perfect.

    Then use lightroom auto verticals>> manual adjustments for perfection

    We find that the guided feature really distorts/squishes the aspect of the image

  • Same issue, when they recently added features to the transform function in LR-CC, the verticals no longer auto correct when you batch. Worked nicely before, now I cannot trust LR to get it perfect and must verify lines on images individually. The former function of this feature was a real time saver, and this is not a huge deal since we look at each image anyway. I can’t imagine I’m the only one experiencing this? It is still best software available, and my only complaint. Maybe a simple fix I’m overlooking so looking forward to comments from other experts!

  • On most of my interior shots, the Transform panel works without a problem, but I have noticed that on the exteriors I’m having to do the guided upright and/or manual to get them looking right … more so than with earlier versions of LR.

  • @Denise. I’ve had the same problem for several months. I have an interior preset and an exterior preset and when applied they include transform auto and worked really well with just an occasional image needing adjustment. But for some months now it requires me to “update” the auto-transform for each image. It definitely adds a few extra minutes to the workflow. I’ll try in the classic version if it updates the auto-transform automatically.

  • These SHOULD be some obvious things, I hope, but to minimize how much you need to adjust, make sure that you’re shooting with the lens as level as you can, 90 degrees to the floor. We use such wide angle lenses that any amount of tilt up or down can throw off your verticals really fast. Also, in Lightroom, make sure that you’ve selected the proper lens profile in the Lens Correction panel. That will help the program to make your adjustments better. If you’ve noticed that your lens seems to have barrel distortion on your outside verticals, adjust it with the Distortion slider. If you’re doing the WHOLE SHOOT with the same lens, sync that adjustment on your first photo so that it adjusts all of them, which makes it so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

  • Doing both of those things already (lens correction before and shooting with the camera level). Problem still occurs. It was at its worst around 12 months ago (was making the top half of the picture much wider than the bottom), and although more recent additions have improved it somewhat since then, there are still issues.

    Can’t test out the new version of lightroom just yet, as it seems to require a more up to date version of OS X than I have, so am waiting for a quiet point to sort that out (not wise to start messing around with the operating system if you are busy, as there is the risk that you might run into a problem).

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