Have You Heard of the Zillow Photographer Marketplace?

October 17th, 2017

Caleb, a long time real estate photographer in the Seattle area asked:

I just got a survey from Zillow asking agents about their photography needs. Inside was information on their new “Zillow Photographer Marketplace”. Have you heard about this?

After some research (Googling), it appears to me that this is the same Zillow program that they have called “Zillow Certified Photographer” in the past. As the Zillow description of this program describes:

  • You get free exposure to Zillow’s network of real estate agents.
  • You get info and training on developing Zillow media products like SmartPhone walkthrough video.
  • You get to display the Zillow Certified Photographer badge in your marketing materials.

So, no matter what you think of Zillow I think participation as a Zillow Certified Photographer gives real estate photographers valuable marketing access to Realtors. It seems well worth the effort to learn how to do SmartPhone video walkthroughs. Recently we did a post on how to do quality SmartPhone video walkthroughs.

Are readers getting business via this Zillow program?

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7 Responses to “Have You Heard of the Zillow Photographer Marketplace?”

  • FASTPIX decided against it because we did not want our brand/product associated with a hand-held walk through video solution.

  • I tried to post about these programs a few months ago and was told by Larry that he wanted nothing to do with Zillow. There is way more to it than a “handheld” walk through video btw. I have ne tripled my business through using the tools available through the Zillow Photography program. Zillow flew me and several other of the top photographers in North America out to Seattle as part of their advisory board to help shape this program. If anybody would like to know more about it you can email me and I can give you information on how you can use these awesome tools to increase your business and help out your clients.

  • Jon – I think we would all love to know how their photography program increases our business! That sounds like a great opportunity.

  • Jon — would love to hear more as well.

  • Sounds like FASTPIX has some other beef with Zillow because his logic is flawed. What he/she said is analogous to saying “I want nothing to do with YouTube because there are novices on there who use inferior techniques and inferior technology to make videos, therefore I don’t want to be associated with YouTube.

  • I am running a business to make money, not some artsy fartsy ego trip. When Zillow contacted me to be part of their program, I too was skeptical, but my handler asked me to give it a chance and then decide. Well, like Jon said, I too have benefited with this program.

    You can shoot the hand held phone if you want or with some experience and numbers, Zillow will allow you to film it any way you want, with a few restrictions.

    Easy way to bump your income with very little effort, marketed right

  • Hey everyone,

    I see this post is more than a few months old, but I am just now chiming in too. I am a professional drone operator and we all know how many real estate people are using or wanting drone photos, in addition to other shots. I have applied to the Zillow program twice but I never hear anything after the initial application confirmation.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get in contact with Zillow to see what is going on with the application process? The first one was submitted about 6 months ago and I just sent in a new one yesterday. I understand it may take a few days to hear anything back but it just seems to be disappearing.


    Black Dog Drone Operations

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