Fiverr Is a Great Site to Get Video Intros Done – like Google Earth Fly-Ins

October 3rd, 2017

Amy in Austin told me she is having trouble learning how to create Google Earth fly-ins at the beginning of her videos and wants to find someone who will do it for her.

Since I’ve used a number of times to get various video intros done in the past for $5 each in just one day. That was the first solution that came to mind. I checked Fiverr out (put Google Earth in the search box) and yup, they have a bunch of people there that will do a Google Earth fly-in to any given address for $5. Many real estate videographers use Google Earth fly-ins at the beginning of property videos.

This Google Earth fly-in example above was done about a year ago at for $5. If you get good a using Google Earth you can do some pretty cool real estate video intros. See how Connie Barnes, one of Northern California’s top listing agents use’s Google Earth. But I doubt Connie uses to do her fly-ins!

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11 Responses to “Fiverr Is a Great Site to Get Video Intros Done – like Google Earth Fly-Ins”

  • To be honest, I have found fiverr a very difficult site. Most of the time, the artist/designer does not provide a product at all and fiverr will not return the money without a struggle. I will only use paypal so I know I can get my money back.

  • @Susan Pomerantz

    That’s a shame that you’ve had that experience with Fiverr. I’ve used them many times for big and small projects and have *always* been happy with the product. Also, I couldn’t imagine someone not providing any product at all. Are you checking peoples feedback before you agree to working with them? This is pretty important.

    I’ve had everything from Facebook banners, facebook advertisements, brochures and even my company logo made through Fiverr (3 years and I still use it today). Never had a bad experience.

  • I have had great luck with fiverr, esp for voiceovers.

  • @Dan Bigley , would you mind sharing which person you contacted to have this success? I’ve tried Fiverr about three times in the past couple of years — once for a standard intro, and twice for other things — and have gotten NO reply other than acknowledgement of contact. So, ended up either getting someone local at much higher cost or doing it myself. I like the Fiverr concept but, for me, they do not follow up…so far.

  • I am interested in the legal aspect of using a Google Earth movie clip created with this process and copyright restrictions.
    I read that you can’t make money off it. So I am assuming that advertising a listing falls in the commercial/trying to make money from it and therefore goes against ToU?

  • It is fine as long as you agree to terms of service and attribution guidelines (Show “Google” and data source; both are imprinted on your map automatically). See Google policies at

  • Thank you Phil-

  • Thank you Larry, for bringing up this idea again- I looked at it a while back but never pursued it. I remember also someone from this community who was providing this service for $10/20 but I did not want to add this extra cost.

    I decided to finally go through this week and downloaded Google earth pro and played with it a bit- The outcome is pretty good I think. I added the google earth fly over video in our last listing tour.

    I would appreciate any feedback…
    Thank you again!

  • @Rom Chaudemanche, I think your flyover is great — contains a LOT of information for the prospective buyer and is pleasingly done. The inside and outside photography is very good, too. How did you create the hand doing the writing animations? I would not change anything – looks super.

  • thanks for the feedback Phil.

    There are 2 vendors I tried for the purpose of making animated videos and more precisely those whiteboard explainer (the hand doing the writing) type of videos animation: and

    After trying both and building a couple of those videos, I decided to go with

    The learning curve for both is similar but I believe moovly has more potential in regard of other types of animation and is cheaper.

    So the 2 video (hand) animations that you saw on my tour were made with moovly.

  • I will say that while Fiverr offers a cheap alternative for some tasks and services, ultimately they are devaluing the services of professional creatives (like photographers.) I am also a product photographer and have lost a couple of jobs recently to Fiverr photographers who are willing to shoot jewelry for $3/image. Personally, I will no longer give them my business.

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