Adobe Flash Player Is Officially Dead – Make Sure Your Website Is Not Using It

September 5th, 2017

This weekend I noticed a PFRE blog reader who’s website wouldn’t work with my Chrome browser (Version 60). When I contacted him he said, “It works on our end… maybe you need to update your Flash player.”

My response was:

Hey, where have you been? Adobe Flash is a serious security threat!! It is very dangerous. Most major browsers already block Flash as their default. You have to work at getting the major browsers to display a Flash site. For details see this petapixel article.

So virtually no one on the planet can see your site! I’ve been doing posts warning about this for at least 3 years. Also, no one with an iPhone or iPad can see any sites with flash. This eliminates a big population.

If you don’t get rid of Flash now there’s little point in having a website.

There are plenty of hosting companies where you can quickly and inexpensively build a portfolio site that does not use Adobe Flash Player. I suggested Squarespace and the above reader has used them to create a great looking no-flash portfolio website overnight.

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8 Responses to “Adobe Flash Player Is Officially Dead – Make Sure Your Website Is Not Using It”

  • Larry, how long has it been that we all heard not only that Adobe was not supporting Flash anymore but nor was Apple? A couple of years? Along with SquareSpace, Wix also uses html5 I believe. TourBuzz has now provided several templates that no longer rely on Flash although they did wait a while to do this. I had to change over several client sites on TB to their new template. They have one called Crisp that will support a separate video button in the nav bar and a floor plan as well. And all because Flash was so easy to hack apparently. Sad. So I join with you in encouraging anyone who still has Flash on their site to remove it asap.

  • @Peter – Apple has been anti-Flash since 2007 when the first iPhone came out (This month is the 10 anniversary of the iPhone). A year ago Adobe announced that it would discontinue support of Flash in 2020. But the main issue is that All of the major browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari by default block Flash. You can reconfigure these browsers to use flash but most users don’t do that.

  • There are billions of websites that work perfectly. When I get to one that doesn’t work, either by Flash or for another reason, I simply press the back button and go somewhere else. Not only is it old and dangerous, but it’s bad for the user experience and for SEO.

  • Where have I been? i still get requests to update to Flash. How do I get rid of it?

  • While there are ‘inexpensive’ portfolio builder sites that don’t use Flash – even Adobe doesn’t use Flash! I built my website with the ‘inexpensive’ Adobe Muse included as part of the full CC subscription. Of course you need the full subscription if you require something beyond LR and PS, like PremierePro. Prior to posting this, I checked it on a MacBook Pro using Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. It opens with a slideshow widget (that I don’t particularly like due to lack of user controls being the price of simplification). Looking at source code within the widget, no Flash triggers and appears all HTML. Now if I could just figure out how a person can pause or reverse while slideshow running and actually inspect a photo. Otherwise, it is a quite easy WYSIWYG website development program.

  • Years ago, I built a website using WIX, which was Flash based and designed for agents to look at on the computer. As the i-phone and tablets became the norm and standard, and more people using MACs, I started getting calls that my site was not working for many people. Later, WIX re designed their editor to HTML 5 and I had to re build my entire site which was a pain in the neck, but at least it now worked.

  • @Susan – start out by uninstalling Adobe Flash Player. Then make sure your browser is the latest version. Use one of the three modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Avoid using Internet Explorer. These 3 browsers are the safest and won’t nag you to install Flash.

  • @larry – These are excellent points and further proof of why the HTML5 train should be hopped on sooner rather than later. Chrome, Safari, & Firefox have stated they are only going to further “punish” sites using flash with notifications and alerts within their browsers when a flash site is visited by the user. Not to mention that mobile devices don’t support flash either thus creating additional hurdles for the viewer. We all know how often we use our mobile devices and their ever increasing share of website views. Obviously flash is increasingly no good for the viewer experience!

    Today Tourbuzz has 4 HTML5 designs that allow a RE tour provider to present the best possible experience across all sized devices.
    Zephyr – Timeline based design
    Crisp & Sidebar – Exploratory / Tabbed experience
    Fit – Single Page Design (Fit v2 is in the works and I must say it’s looking quite amazing – no word on a release date yet)

    Here’s a couple demo tour experiences utilizing our HTML5 designs. 🙂

    Zephyr –
    Crisp –
    Sidebar –!/
    Fit –

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