Congratulations Franz Rabe – August PFRE Photographer of the Month

August 24th, 2017

Congratulations to Franz Rabe of Pretoria, South Africa who the jury has voted PFRE Photographer of the Month for August. This is Franz’s first win!

Here are the entries that the jurors awarded points to this month:

  1. Franz Rabe – #33
  2. Brandon Brodie – #15
  3. Trey Thomas – #32
  4. Bruce Devincentiis – #5
  5. Reed Radcliffe – #12
  6. Garett Buell – #24
  7. Dan Solomon – #3
  8. Matt Rosendahl – #31
  9. Bill Evans – #29
  10. Michael Lefebvre – #28
  11. Julie Legge – #30
  12. David Bjergsoe– #4
  13. Marcie Fry – #13

Here is Franz’s description of his winning photo:

I must really thank them birds, they really made a big impact on the photo and on some of the judges!

It was just one of those exceptional days, where one just had to stand in the right place and press the button. Normally I would prefer a cloudy, dramatic sky, but here the blue sky worked perfectly with the water reflection and perfectly wind-still day, with afternoon sunlight more golden and softer than normal. The house and landscaping were immaculate and of course, my feathered friends were flying in the sky.

This is a special honor for me. There are some mighty fine photographers gathered here. Thanks a mil to the judges, and for your constructive comments.

This is a special website. Since I’m based in South Africa, it’s super to rub shoulders and ideas with real estate photographers from all over the world!

One house keeping detail that I discovered this month with the new rule where all jurors comment more on the photos. In the future, comments from the entrants must not be made before the winner is announced because a comment from an entrant reveals the entrant’s name. I can delete the name of entrants from comments as I did this month but I can’t do it fast enough to assure that entrants remain anonymous.

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14 Responses to “Congratulations Franz Rabe – August PFRE Photographer of the Month”

  • Congratulations Franz! Beautiful photo!

  • Congrats, Franz – that reflection sold me on it, but the birds didn’t hurt!

    Nice job.

  • Franz Rabe’s photo is outstanding. Well done! Where is this shot?

  • Terrific capture, Franz … congrats on a fine win!

  • Congratulations Franz!

  • Congratulations Franz! Well deserved!

  • Thank you so much – TREMENDOUSLY appreciated !

    (Lee, the photo was taken at Waterfall Estate in Midrand, South Africa – easy to take beautiful pics there ! ; )

  • Congrats, Franz!

  • Congratulations to you, Franz! Beautiful photo.

  • Congrats Franz! Beautiful country you’re in. Dad is from Cape Town and made it down in June. Stunning!

  • Great shot Franz!

  • Thank you all for the congrats – truly grateful !!

    (Rich, super that your dad’s from Cape Town – indeed a stunningly beautiful country – Cape Town not so bad either ; )

  • Congratulations! Beautiful image!

  • Very well done Franz! You make South Africa proud!

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