Photos from Eclipse Totality Here in Salem, Oregon

August 21st, 2017

I just finished processing the images from this morning’s total eclipse here in Salem, OR.

An amazing spectacle and a real photographic challenge! The photo to the right is a composite of four different images (click it for a larger version). Left and right images are about 10 min before and after totality. The bottom center is totality, and the upper center image is the moon just breaking out of totality.

Shot these with a Canon 70-200 f/2.8 on a Canon 5DMkIV and a 16.6 stop ND filter for before and after totality, and no filter for the center two images.

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12 Responses to “Photos from Eclipse Totality Here in Salem, Oregon”

  • cool!! Yours is the first I’ve seen but I’ve been busy working and not looking at photos. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with. Love your shot.

  • Thanks for sharing your images with us! Love them! We only had 81% in Northern Virginia 🙁

  • Real nice Larry! Got about 65% while vacationing in Vermont! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful composite Larry! Thanks for sharing!

  • Really nice job! It was overcast here in Iowa, so we only saw a fuzzy ball of light through the clouds.

  • Really beautiful Larry!! Thanks for sharing. Must have been quite difficult.

  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  • I travelled from the Los Angeles area to Alliance, NE and it was beyond magical. A 3 hour drive from base camp in Ft Collins, CO was an 8 hour journey to get back so I haven’t had time to get photos transferred. They looked pretty good on the camera LCD.

    Anybody in the US that missed this one needs to make it a priority to travel to see the next one. There is no other experience in the world like it.

    Nice images Larry. I don’t think there is any way to catch the experience of when the last tiny piece of the sun is covered and the corona just pops into view.

  • I think this is one occasion where the much used term “awe-some” is totally applicable! Thanks Larry for posting this stunning montage.

  • Very impressive, nice images Larry. I had to watch it on TV broadcasting from OR! will make plans to see the next one.

    My client wanted to cancel her afternoon Shoot yesterday in Sarasota, because she was afraid there wouldn’t be enough light during the eclipse. I had to shoot 2 hrs earlier just to keep her from canceling.

  • Totally cool!! Easily among the nicest composition of it I’ve seen yet!

  • Wow, well done!

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