Some User Feedback on Fotokite the Tethered Drone

August 8th, 2017

FotokiteBack in 2014, Fotokite was announced and I’ve been following its development ever since. The only thing that kept me from getting one was the fact that it hasn’t been available on the US retail market.

Just a few days ago I got some feedback from Tom in Colorado who took the leap and purchased one. Here is his feedback:

We talked earlier because of my excitement about the Fotokite. Well I pretty much have shelved it. After 2 crashes and then having to send it back to Zurich twice for repair, it doesn’t seem to be the answer for real estate aerials. It’s too wonky when flying especially with any kind of wind or strong breeze (which happens often in Colorado). Other problems include having a string attached and flying around tall trees or power lines. I intend to practice with it some more and still find a use for it. In the meantime the 30 ft Wonder Pole with an added 10 ft via a tall tripod and extension poles. I use a GoPro with remote gimbal that gets the job done for my poor-mans non-FAA aerials.

As I told Tom, I like the concept. It’s disappointing that it hasn’t become a successful product. I think that it is significant that it’s been 3 years since its introduction and it’s not widely available. To me, this suggests some kind of problem with the concept.

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4 Responses to “Some User Feedback on Fotokite the Tethered Drone”

  • I was one of the first supporters. after the extended delays it arrived. After practicing with it for a few weeks I purchased a Phantom 4 and got licensed. The surprise is that they are still trying to sell them.

  • Hi Tom. What remote gimbal do you like?

  • I’m using the FeiyuTech G4S Dave with a Bluetooth remote.

  • Thanks!

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