Drone News: The World Is Moving in on Lawless Drone Operation

August 4th, 2017

Several things happened this last couple of weeks that indicate moves toward stricter drone regulations:

Seems like everyone is going to help you follow the rules!

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2 Responses to “Drone News: The World Is Moving in on Lawless Drone Operation”

  • Can’t say that everyone is going to help. My mls has a rule for everything so much that we have to send in a copy of the listing agreement with the listing input. When I suggested that agents who post aerial photos should be required to send a copy of the pilot’s part 107 certificate so we don’t promote rogue pilots they said not really out domain. It would be the easiest way to curb unlicensed drone photos.

  • The world is as of now in the “Wild West” phase drone integration. Existing laws are not enforceable, ramble pilots have unlimited flight access, and drones are defenseless against abuse by terrible performing artists. The rising prospect of such dangers underscores the pressing requirement for a system to shepherd the effortless mix of automatons into the national airspace.

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