Changes in Rules for the Photographer of the Month Contest

August 1st, 2017

The August contest is now open with new rules.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about how to improve the monthly stills contest (PFRE Photographer of the Month contest). So I’m changing the rules a bit in an effort to improve the contest.

First of all, the contest goals are as follows:

  • Provide an educational experience for entrants and viewers.
  • Give recognition to the top photographers in this community and their entered photos.
  • Offer an event that highlights the PFRE blog as a resource for real estate interiors photographers.

In pursuit of these goals, starting with the August contest I’m making the following rule changes:

  1. Reducing the number of jurors to about 10. These 10 jurors are the ones that have participated most consistently over the past year.
  2. From now on, jurors will be appointed as needed rather than every monthly winner becoming a juror.
  3. Jurors cannot enter the contest.
  4. Entrants can only win photographer of the month three times or photographer of the year once; then they cannot enter anymore.
  5. Voting will be based on the jurors’ assessments of the four following criteria: composition (5 pts), lighting (5 pts), editing (5 pts), and impact (10 pts).
  6. Jurors will vote for the entries they believe are the top 3 entries in the contest.
  7. Points will be totaled and the top 5 entrants will be announced.
  8. Jurors will leave brief educational comments on the three entries they vote for.

I’d like to thank everyone that has given me advice on this contest and to thank all the jurors past and present that have contributed so much to this event.

Update 8/2: The jurors will be:

  1. Barry MacKenzie
  2. Tony Colangelo
  3. Richard Hookway
  4. Brandon Cooper
  5. Hamish Beeston
  6. Kerry Bern
  7. Charles Lynch
  8. Thomas Grubba
  9. Jason Roehner
  10. Michael Yearout
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3 Responses to “Changes in Rules for the Photographer of the Month Contest”

  • First, I want to acknowledge and thank Tony for the feedback he gives. He is by far the most prolific in replys and provides excellent feedback. Additional jurors giving insight is definately a welcome improvement. While you probably didn’t mean it that way, but literally, #8 appears to comment only on the top 3. Perhaps top 3 as a minimum and comments encouraged on others as appropriate. The feedback is so important as one begins tweaking and improving for a better product…and hopefully one day will be in the top 3.

  • Thank you Larry for all that you do for the platform and always looking to improve it, not to mention be fair. These changes are appreciated and very much needed. Thank you to the selected Jurors because you’ve been most active the past year and have helped this platform only get better and more competitive.

  • @ Larry Gray – Thanks for your kind remark about my feedback, Larry … it’s very much appreciated!

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