Who Do You Recommend as a Voice Over Artist?

July 28th, 2017

Ken in Georgia asks:

Many of my clients don’t want to be on camera in real estate property videos and they hate doing voice overs for their property videos. Can you recommend a good voice over artist that can do sound tracks for my property videos?

The video above is a video that Malia Campbell shot for me when we sold a rental property in the Seattle area. Malia used Jamie Hill as a voice over artist for this video. I think Jamie does an awesome job. Her website is She is very easy to work with!

Who do you recommend as a voice over artist?

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11 Responses to “Who Do You Recommend as a Voice Over Artist?”

  • I am probably biased but I use my wife who has been an actress on stage and TV in Hollywood for a long time. Most of the voice overs we do are for high end properties that have a budget for voice over. She has a style that is sort of “Mid Atlantic” you could say that appeals to the high end buyer and seller. You can hear what she does on this video we just produced:

  • I’ve been using for the past couple shoots but might gravitate towards a softer option in the future.

  • I have used for about six years. Send the script and it’s waiting for me in he morning. They have a good selection of voices, male, female, foreign and children. Easy to work with and very

    This VO was $100:

  • It feels a bit strange to share this but since you’ve asked for voice talent recommendations, I’ll share that this is my “other” career track. I no longer maintain a web site for my VO work but my past work includes being the system voice of Onstar for a decade, elevators and airports across the US and a myriad of industrial and commercial narrations. I once worked for Speedy Spots under the name Kendra (2006-2011) so I can vouch for them as a low-cost source for talent. I was diagnosed with a condition that affects my vocal cords so thanks to the Vanderbilt voice center, I’m able to continue VO work in a modest capacity from my home studio. If you’d like a custom demo, please contact me through my web site contact form and I’ll be happy to provide you a read sample. Turnaround is usually within 24-48 hours.

  • I’m not great at it, but I’ve been doing my own VO’s since I started. I had a brief stint in radio, but I really wasn’t very good at it. My voice isn’t perfect, but it isn’t bad – but it does save me money from not having to find talent. Otherwise, has a wide selection of VO talent, and is very affordable.

    Here is one of mine –

  • Contact the drama department at the local college. I know a couple of agents who have done this for their videos. No idea what they are paying them but they sound very professional.

  • For clients who prefer a professional, I’ve used It was a good experience. Quick turn-around, affordable, professional artists etc.

    Be sure to charge your client accordingly for the time spent searching for the right voice and the necessary back and forth between yourself, the VO artist and client. For example: The voice over on one project cost $125. The line item on my invoice was “Professional Voice Over: $300.00”
    The add-on covered my time “managing” that part of the production which included:
    1. Searching voices and sending three sample options to my client for selection.
    2. Sending the script with additional direction to the artist. I recorded the script myself into to my iPhone and was able to attach the audio file with my order. This provided examples of the pacing and intonation desired as well as the correct pronunciation of many of the Hawaiian words. (I’m based on Maui)
    3. Sending the client the produced VO for approval / feedback and so on.
    The add-on for my time probably could have been higher but I kept it reasonable. This VO fee did not include any of the Script Development which takes much longer and is a specialized skill set of it’s own. For further perspective, the script writing and development in this case was easily 4X the cost of recording. Ideas/ Concepts and creativity are typically more costly than production.

    Point is: it takes time. Don’t work for free.

  • I can provide professional voice overs in an Australian accent for very reasonable rates.
    I can also write the script if required.

    Here is a sample:

  • I recommend Jan at
    She is experienced and can play it straight or read it with an inflection that makes you smile. Recordings are always top notch. Tell her JP sent you.

  • It might be option for you:
    I am not sure about pricing model they have but check anyway!


  • You guys are so awesome. I am meeting with a few of clients next week to get feed back.

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