What Training Do You Recommend for FAA Part 107 Registration?

July 17th, 2017

Randy in Iowa asks:

A real estate company I do a lot of photography for has purchased a drone and would like for me to use it to take arial photos. I’ve been practicing and doing pretty well with it, to the point that I’m ready to get it into service. So, I need to get my license. What do you recommend as training to get my FAA part 107 registration?

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about training for drone registration in the US and this industry is exploding so things change quickly.

Here are some FAA part 107 registration training courses that people have recommended:

What training do readers recommend?

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15 Responses to “What Training Do You Recommend for FAA Part 107 Registration?”


    Worked for me! $149

  • +1 for

  • I passed with Tony Northrup’s free guide:

  • Agree with Travis. Only $149 and great course. Got a 92 on the test!

  • Remote Pilot 101 was perfect for me as well!

  • DronePilot Ground School is great and you become a member of their Community Forum and are always updated on the Industry News. Alan Perlman is an excellent UAV coach!

  • I’m with Travis – RemotePilot 101 – these guys are on top of their game with any changes in the tests, lots of sample test questions, practice tests, answer feedback questions and more. I passed with a 92%.

  • I used DartDrones, which did a great job explaining, but I really disliked having to watch videos, especially ones I could not listen to at 2X the speed (just give me the text please). Took forever to find the time to get through them all. But they gave all the information I needed, and I easily passed in a single try.

    That being said, 3DR has a fantastic online resource, that I found extremely helpful – it’s what I reviewed before the test and probably is all you need:

    Best of luck.

  • You forgot me, a PFRE member. I have a free sample test with detailed explanations at


  • I’d like to add a 7th endorsement to this thread for

  • Rupprecht Law has free tutorial and study guide. I passed on it. You just need to read the material which takes a few dedicated days of studying.

  • As a commercial pilot, I already held my Airline Transport Pilot rating. I took a 1 hour class online at the FAA website. Had my remote pilot rating in 2 hours. The problem I see is not real estate drones, it’s all the other idiots who don’t follow any rules and fly through airport comtrol zomes or Fire fighting activities endangering everyone.

  • DEFINITELY RemotePilot101 in my case.
    I think virtually all (?) his students pass the exam. You can go there “for life” for updates and refreshers.
    Good price and very clear, well organized instruction. After going through the lessons for about a week and buying a sectional at my local airfield just for my own study, I got a solid 94%. The exam is NOT a pushover (don’t fool yourself).

  • The FAA had a course and sample test you could practice with when I was getting ready for the exam. It was free so you may want to start there.

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