How to Retouch Interiors in Photoshop

July 16th, 2017

Alex in Florida says:

I wanted to share this video from PHLEARN on how to remove distractions from your image in Photoshop (cables, and whatever). He does this example on an interior shot, so it should serve as a good lesson to people who don’t know how to do this.

Yes, I think all real estate photographers need to know how to do these cleanup fixes for interior and exterior shots.

It’s important for real estate photographers to see this video tutorial as a Photoshop technique lesson. Real estate photographers typically don’t want to take out wall heaters and some of the other items he’s taking out. But there are many things like light cords and stuff sitting around that don’t look good.

I can still remember the time I shot a beautiful master bath for a listing I was shooting for my wife. She went ballistic because I left a drawer ajar. Being able to close the drawer in Photoshop saved me a trip back!

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3 Responses to “How to Retouch Interiors in Photoshop”

  • In my early days I remember setting up a rear elevation on a large property with huge pocket sliders that displayed the interior to great advantage.
    After carefully setting up and lighting the shot, taking a series of exposures I found, upon opening the files later at my studio, that I could clearly see a number of my gear bags and a light stand at the back of the living room. It took quite a bit of PS to solve that one.

    Retouching skills are paramount for a boatload of reasons. Not the least of which is that it is a minimum level of performance to claim professionalism.

  • Excellent video. I have been using PS since it first came out and I find I have only ever just scraped the surface of its capabilities even when I used it to create websites. Always something to learn – thank God!

  • Animals I’ve had to “photoshop out” from inside homes and buildings:

    Guinea Pigs
    Deer, Bears, Zebras (taxidermy)

    There’s more, but really?

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