How Can You Monitor Still Shoots While on Location?

June 30th, 2017

Hamish in Bristol, UK says:

I’ve been shooting video with another photographer on site recently and noticed him using an iPad to monitor his shots via Bluetooth or Wifi or something. There was no physical connection. It also looked like he had some programme running that could add basic LR-style post-production automatically as each photo came in, making for excellent monitoring.

I would be interested to know how people approach on-location monitoring of stills.

One way to do what you describe is by using CamRanger and Lightroom Mobile together as follows:

  • Use CamRanger to wirelessly connect an iPad to a DSLR. CamRangers are very popular with real estate photographers. They allow you to completely control your DSLR from the iPad. Also, images shot on the DSLR can be transferred to the iPad for viewing.
  • Lightroom Mobile can be used to access and modify the images transferred to the iPad by CamRanger. This is done by setting CamRanger and Lightroom Mobile to share the folder on the iPad where the images from the DSLR are stored. Here is a video that shows you how to set that up.

Of course, you can also do a similar tethered shooting by running Lightroom on a laptop and connect the laptop to the DSLR with a tethering cable. This approach will save you $299 because you don’t need the CamRanger but it won’t be wireless.

What is your favorite way to shoot tethered?


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6 Responses to “How Can You Monitor Still Shoots While on Location?”

  • I use an iPad with a shoulder strap via CamRanger. It’s amazing what you can ‘see’ on a large screen. Clients love to look too. Once you get hooked you’ll never go back 🙂

  • I use my iPhone set on a hot shoe mount and use the Canon app with my Canon 80D. Works fine and takes up no room. I find when using a slider the little back of camera screen is just too small to really check for horizontal and vertical lines as well as checking on focus. I could probably do the same thing with the small iPad. I have not had any connection problems once I have the connection set up and working. I use the same iPhone with my Phantom and my GoPro w.Karma Grip so I have one of those small battery chargers to keep it charged up as I go. Works well for what I do and what I need. I don’t do any post while shooting; I just use it to get things right as I shoot.

  • Wow! Some great ideas I never thought of. I am in a market where price points on my work is low so I call it photo shoots on roller skates. Putting the phone on a hot shoe mount is a great idea. I have a Hyperdrive IUSB Port that has sat in my kit hardly ever used. I also like the Nikon app to remote trigger the camera. I use a Pixie Pole for elevated shots and I use cheap $ 20.00 remote trigger for that but sometimes the Nikon remote trigger. I am going to make it a point to shoot with remotes and see how it goes.

  • I love the camranger! I recently switched to the Fuji XT-2. Sadly, camranger does not support this system. The Fuji remit app is ok, but no comparison!

  • Liz McDermott: I too have been shooting with the Fuji X-T2. I love this camera, except on all day shoots it will burn through two sets of batteries including the grip. I was told by Tether Tools that Case Air is working on a wireless remote control system for Fuji series cameras and should be available in the near future. BTW I replaced my Canon 6D with the Fuji because of the expanded dynamic range and how sharp the images are for an APS-C sensor. Now that Fuji has introduced the 23mm lens for the medium format GFX I am looking strongly at that amazing Fuji camera.

  • Thanks guys and Larry. Hugely helpful as ever!

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