Anyone Can Comment on the Entries in the Site

June 13th, 2017

So far, the new PFRE photographer of the month contest site is working well. Entrants post their photos themselves and it appears that we will have a lot of entries this month.

I wanted to point out that anyone can register on the site and comment on the entries at any time. Here’s how to comment:

  1. Go to the contest site:
  2. Click on any photo. This will enlarge the photo and show comments below the photo.
  3. Also below the photo comments will be a dialog box to either register (you only need to do this the first time) or a dialog to log in if you’ve previously registered.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you can comment on any photo.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that everyone likes the idea of anonymous entries.

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9 Responses to “Anyone Can Comment on the Entries in the Site”

  • A small piece of feedback ~ I find the font used for the comments is almost unreadable.

  • @Matt – I agree. I don’t like it either. I’ll see if I can fix that in the future.

  • Indeed! I received an email the other day with some very nice comments about a photo, what they liked, a bit of constructive feedback etc. I had no idea what it was referring to. Then I saw the page details and clicked through to discover it was the PFRE competition page and was very pleasantly surprised to receive such feedback! Nice one. And thanks to Julie Mannell for the commentary!

  • It would be nice if I could change my mind and delete my submission photo and submit a different image. I believe we had this ability before.

  • @Larry – You’re right you can’t change your mind on this site… best think carefully before uploading an entry.

  • I accidentally posted a pic with watermark. How to delete it? If it is not possible, you are free to delete it. THX

  • @Stefan – I don’t care about the watermark, I deleted it because it is NOT residential real estate marketing photo.

  • I thought when we moved to anonymous submissions the comments were going to be suspended until after the voting. Guess not.

    I still think comments from anyone should be disabled until after the voting is complete and the winner announced.

  • @Michael – The majority of input I’ve gotten is that if comments are not allowed until after the winner is announced then comments are much less likely. The majority of jurors say that they are not influenced by comments… they think for themselves.

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