A Post Card Version of The “Realtor Photo Guide” for Face to Face Marketing

June 5th, 2017

Thomas from Germany says:

The posts, comments and this community have helped me a lot to get started in real estate photography!

In November of last year, I started shooting real estate and I have established a small customer group. But in order to sustain a decent living, I need to grow my customer base. Up to now, I’ve just marketed myself by word of mouth and face to face with a printed portfolio book.

In order to increase my business, I am trying to create a brochure, but I just can’t figure out what I should include in the brochure. Do you have any tips regarding brochures?

In the past, I’ve created two free brochures that real estate photographers can use to market real estate agents. First came the 9-page version. This version is available in 6 other languages besides English. Then in 2015, I created a condensed version that is one double-sided sheet of paper.

Over the last couple of years, it has become clear to me that in many face-to-face marketing situations, a simple postcard version can be useful. You use it much like a business card that shows your work and carries a strong simple message. So I’ve created an example  7″x5″ jumbo postcard that illustrates how to show your work on the front and have the marketing message on the back. Here are the important points for creating your own version and using it:

  1. The image on the front should be your very best image. Ideally a dramatic twilight shot. They have the biggest impact.
  2. It should have your face on it to personalize it.
  3. It should also have your phone number and website URL.
  4. On the back, it should have your simple but strong marketing message on it.
  5. Note that this kind of postcard is NOT for mailing because it’s too expensive. This heavy, glossy 7″x5″ postcard will cost $2.40 USD each. So you hand it out like a business card or distribute it in a very targeted way.
  6. If the potential client wants more in-depth information they can get it from your website.

So feel free to tailor all three of these marketing documents to your use. All versions can be downloaded in PDF form here. Note that there are many PDF to text applications that will allow you to tailor these to your use.

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4 Responses to “A Post Card Version of The “Realtor Photo Guide” for Face to Face Marketing”

  • Any chance you have it in a publisher version?

  • @Steven – No, I created this example in Photoshop. I don’t see any point in providing a layout file for this example because anyone that wants to create their own postcard will have to provide their own photo for the front of the postcard and the back of the postcard is just a few sentences of text and you can get the infographic with a screen grab.

    I’m working on providing the other two documents (double-sided page and 9-page one) in Google Docs format. But that will be a while before I have that finished.

  • Timing cannot be better! Heading to a networking event this Friday and printed a few two-sided letter size hand outs – they seemed too big… Was contemplating printing something post-card size and here comes this post – THANKS!

  • Many of the print shops I use cringe when somebody says they have a Publisher file. Apparently the file format is not very robust and elements of a layout can change or move around between versions. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and even PDF files are preferred at most shops.

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