Should Real Estate Photographers Supply Materials for Listing Presentations?

June 4th, 2017

MarketingBrochureDarren in California says:

I’ve had a handful of agents lately ask if I have some sort of materials or presentation they could utilize during their listing presentations with potential clients of theirs. Essentially, they want to showcase to their potential client that they partner with my services to help promote their listings.

I have a price sheet, a demo reel of my drone work, and a small brochure; but I believe they are looking for something more specific to leverage in a listing presentation.

I’m wondering if other real estate photographers have a strategy or piece of media they provide to agents specifically for their listing presentations? Or should I just be content with referring them to my website(s), price sheet, and demo reel?

In my experience, doing hundreds of listing presentations over the years with my wife, the primary thing a listing agent is presenting to a potential listing client is their history of success. That is, showing how they have marketed listings they have sold in the past and how they are going to market the potential client’s property if they get the listing. In fact, 90% of the listing presentations we did were to home sellers that had seen the way we’ve marketed a listing and wanted theirs marketed the same way too.

So the answer to your question is yes; provide your clients with examples they can show their clients (photos, tours, brochures, videos). Here are a couple of related points:

  1. Most competent listing agents these days will be doing listing presentations on tablets. Provide them with materials they can use in a tablet presentation. Help them set it up if they need.
  2. Forget about price lists. Home sellers typically aren’t paying you.
  3. The material on the condensed Realtors Photo Guide can be used in a home seller brochure that explains why professional photography is important. Although these days, home sellers understand this stuff better than most listing agents.

Does anyone else have suggestions?

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11 Responses to “Should Real Estate Photographers Supply Materials for Listing Presentations?”

  • “Although these days, home sellers understand this stuff better than most listing agents.” From my own experience, this is very true!

  • We do – I actually make custom linkable PDFs for my agents. I make sure to include some services that are exclusive to my company in the PDF so that it always leads back to us (customer retention)

    you can go to our site and click PDF and see the generic unbranded version that is always there for the agents to use that we haven’t skinned one for yet.

  • I do listing presentations for high end houses. They can hardbound or paperback and can be designed so they can be used several times. It works.

  • I post everything I do as well as provide the virtual tour for my clients. It would be a lot of work for my competition but I am an old programmer and have 95% of what I do automated. My website is run like a blog (which it is) If your familiar with wordpress, every Realtor becomes a category assigned to a category, Every property posted is cross assigned to the categories it belongs to. 101 address assigned to properties taken and realtor joe. Commercial assigned to commercial, property management to etc. So if I have done work for you go to my web site and add your name with a hyphen to see what I have done for you. Book mark that page and show to perspective sellers.


    Property Management

    Everything by category

    As stated it’s a lot of extra work but my clients are bound to me and it brings in new business. They love the free Branded YouTube I do for them and here is an example of the Virtual Tour I provided. All from my website so other Realtors see my url, more business.

  • I made a book for my best client of 25 photos we selected of properties I photographed for them in 2016. It’s simple in Lightroom. I think it cost around $75 or it might have been $75 each, I can’t remember. We went dutch on the hard cost to see how it would work and it’s been a smash hit. A physical book has more appeal than an electronic device for many people. That might be due to people of a “certain age” growing up with treeware rather than LCD’s. A presentation that can be displayed on a tablet is more mutable and less expensive so it’s easier to do that for many agents with photos from their listings. I did the book in the winter when it was slow as it would be hard to concentrate on during the busy season.

    This is a great premium for your best clients and those that you feel are going to be top agents. I wouldn’t suggest creating a custom presentation for every customer. Custom? Yes, absolutely. The agent or broker is going to have a back story if they are showing photos of the listings they have handled.

    I have the process down now and I may be doing a physical book to advertise me that I can show to agents and brokers.

  • One overlooked liability of an electronic tablet based presentation is internet availability. Always have physical backup! It is not like you can ask the homeowner ‘what’s your password’ to use their wifi. You essentially have to bring your own – either a cellular tablet or using phone as a hotspot, but if you don’t have a good signal, preferably LTE, you’re sunk. I went to one listing presentation that would not be considered rural, and the homeowner said if you don’t have Verizon, forget about it as they knew from experience that no service was available from others. Likewise on a photoshoot, which was very rural, about a half mile out had a call from a VA specialty clinic to set an appointment – 1 bar and kept dropping and had to call them later, while at that house, they only used landline. That is why I keep a physical copy of both a listing presentation – flipchart style with photo ‘eye-candy’ on the back of the prior page which otherwise would be blank, plus a hardback photo book. Costco at $19.99 is cheaper than my cost for what I sell on my website. The photobook slides in nicely with the laptop and can be pulled out at any time for purposes other than a formal presentation.

  • This is why I have all the links embedded in the file so the PDF always works without service. A big part of what we sell is dynamic, so a paper copy does nothing. There are also video testimonials etc on there (upcharge to record those)

    It puts my agents in a different category than agents being flyers like every other agent.

  • Photography is only part of the equation. Syndication, pricing and a host of other things are all important. That said, sooner or later in the presentation the agent might inform the client that they always use professional photography AND it’s the picture that will make the prospective buyer want to learn more. That’s why my home page shows the difference – so the agent can show the client.

    I will concede, I have agents that won’t use that link because they’re worried the client may think all they need to do is hire a professional photographer.

  • A good question and frankly one I have not thought a lot about. And I wonder why. Most of my clients handle all their own marketing, sales and self promotion. I make a dedicted property site for each shoot and have it on and my clients have the links to those. For some of my clients I design and manage their websites that have those property sites embedded on property dedicated pages on their websites. My clients have my site that is filled with sample photos and videos of what I do. So perhaps at the back of my mind, I am supplying them with the materials they need to show their prospective owners what they do for a listing. Along with that, they have samples of their print ads in the various magazines locally and the glossy flyers they produce for the higher end properties.

    I have had some discussions of producing a Power Point presentation showing the various types of sales and marketing tools they use but frankly they all so far have talked about it but never acted on it. None seem capable of producing this sort of thing themselves and seem hesitant to pay someone like me to create it. Power Point at least used to be a universal platform across most business and may still be and you don’t need MicroSoft PowerPoint to view it what with the free OpenOffice available, but Adobe Acrobat Pro is not bad at it either. And both can be uploaded to a tablet or larger cell phone for viewing. At least you don’t need an internet connection to view either of them. With an internet connection all of this can be put on their website if they have one. But again, few want to spend the money to have a site designed that they can then manage themselves. And when they do, mostly they don’t have a clue about how to manage it (even when built on a platform like nor do they seem to have the time to spare or are willing to spare.

    I do feel that the methods being used by the top realtors in large markets who are making use of the internet and what it has to offer will drive those below them to gradually, grudgingly start to adopt the newer marketing technologies, so this discussion is really valuable since those of us who are able to help with marketing tools over and above still and video photography should be ready to pick up that slack.

  • If you are going to use a tablet for presentations, don’t rely on an internet connection. Have the photos/videos that you are going to use on the device. If your tablet doesn’t have the storage space, bring a laptop that does. Also make sure your battery is charged. If you are meeting a potential client someplace other than yours or their office such as a coffee shop, there may not be a place to plug in.

    Books are known for not needing internet or power. They also tend not to break into many pieces when dropped.

  • I guess I should have clicked on the link before giving my 2 cents.
    I assumed the new Nikkor was an f2.8.
    Apple’s & oranges

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