What Options Are Available to Real Estate Photographers for Insurance?

June 1st, 2017

Alex asks:

I would like to start my own business but I still have one major question: What is the best insurance for real estate photographers? I’ve heard about cases when real estate agents have blamed photographers for property damage.

Are there any good options for insurance?

This is an important issue. All real estate photographers need insurance. The best thing to do is to talk to an insurance company that specializes in covering professional photographers. The insurance agent that I have recommended in the past is Chuck Eagleston. Long time PFRE reader and PFRE coach Ethan Tweedie uses Chuck and recommends him.

There are other recommendations in the comments of past posts on this subject (just search for “insurance” in the search box on the upper lefthand side of this blog). There are many recommendations from readers in the comments of this post.

Who do you use for insurance?

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5 Responses to “What Options Are Available to Real Estate Photographers for Insurance?”

  • While we use our local insurance agent in Atlanta, Professional Photographers of America (PPA) association offers many insurance options, including:

    Camera and Gear
    General Liability
    Medical & Dental

    Perhaps some readers use some or all of the PPA coverage and can comment further.



  • Like Dan, I use PPA for most of my photography insurance (indemnification and equipment which comes with membership), as well as their optional liability coverage. I think it runs around $270/yr. for $1 million per occurrence (2 million total) general liability. For my drone liability I’ve been using the hourly coverage with my iPhone app (Verifly). Hope this helps!

  • Another second for PPA.
    I have the my equipment insurance and liability insurance through Professional Photographers of America.
    You can’t beat the prices with most outside insurance agencies.

  • I should point out that Ethan found the insurance agent above (Chuck Eagleston) through the PPA. So all the recommendations here lead to the PPA:)

  • American Family Insurance commercial policy, covers liability, equipment, even drone. Maybe $300 a year.

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