What Do You Do When You Need Your Drone Repaired?

May 9th, 2017

Craig in VA asks:

Is there a database of drone repair and maintenance shops in the US?  We have learned that you can’t necessarily count on the manufacturers.

I don’t know of a database or directory of drone repair shops but when I Google “drone repair” I get a lot of options like:


What drone repair services can readers recommend?

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8 Responses to “What Do You Do When You Need Your Drone Repaired?”

  • There’s not much market for independent drone repairs for a few reasons. Most is that the cost of shipping and repairing a drone could be a significant chunk out of just replacing a broken one with a newer model. Really, if you have a year-old $1500 drone that might cost $500 to repair, I think most people would just put that money toward a new drone that can be delivered the next day by Amazon or B&H. And it comes with a new warranty. If it’s something as simple as a replacement part, you could just as easily repair it yourself.

  • Having flown for four years and had my share of wrecks, finding parts was the hardest solution. I am lucky because there was a shop locally for most of my parts needs. On my third drone now, have not crashed it. I bought this one from a factory store locally, hoping they have parts if I need them.

    I did learn on the first two drones that for the most part, we are on our own for finding parts and doing the actual repairs. I got quite good at it, sad to say. Ideally of course, just don’t wreck.

    Going forward, I am relying on not wrecking and my prior knowledge. And two drones worth of parts to rob. We shall see how that works out.

    Great topic.

  • It’s a good idea to purchase extra propellers and what ever bits look like they might need replacing from a hard landing when you purchase your UAV. 6 months later and the model might be discontinued and no longer supported by the factory. There are some Open Source drone projects that are built from commonly available RC aircraft parts. I think I saw one that used donor parts such as the electronics from a crashed DJI. Also, keep a search running on eBay for drones listed as “parts or broken” being sold by somebody that’s looking to recover some money after crashing their drone and get them when they are for sale. You will never see a listing when you are desperate for the parts.

  • Am in the same position myself. Have a P4P as primary drone and P3P as a backup. Sent the P3P to expert drones for repair. They were good and relatively quick too. My P4P is in for warranty work for a bad gimbal. Having a spare is probably worthwhile. I use mine about daily now and can’t operate without it. I’ve also borrowed a friends when both were out for a week. Given the tendency for them to have minor issues I’d highly recommend having at least one backup. Ideally two.

  • Try Mike Holt
    Honest, knows what he is doing, and has access to parts.

    But like others have said, the cost of freight, parts and labor could outweigh
    just buying a new drone.

  • As Ken provided a FaceBook link, I have found from the time I bought one of the first Phantom2 Vision+s, a good FaceBook group set up around a particular model is a gold mine of information. And if you are thinking of upgrading to a newer model, its a great place to see what success and problems other owners have experienced. All taken with a bit of a grain of salt since many people make changes to settings that can often be the cause of their problems, but very worthwhile non the less.

  • When I upgraded to the P4P I learned the hard way I need to have a backup. The first day of shooting with that drone I had three properties to shoot. Last shot of the first property ended in a non-recoverable crash. It was heartbreaking, not to mention the realtor hear my expletive when it crashed. With two more properties to shoot I could not find another drone within 150 miles. I had to order it. Crashed drone went back to DJI and the repair was a lot less than I expected. The second drone has DJI service contract which includes expedited repairs.

    TLDR: I can’t do less than having a full backup drone now.

  • And this is why I outsource for my aerial needs now. Crashed and burned with no good options for repair… too time intensive, expense, and stressful!!!

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