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May 2nd, 2017

Brad in Utah says:

I’ve recently started adding voice overs to my videos. I found and have been able to get excellent professional voiceovers made for $5 for 125 words and around $5 for each additional 100 words. I have used this woman that does both American and English accents with really great results. Also, I have used for motion graphics and logos.

Yes, I agree is a great resource. I’ve used it many times. A couple of my favorites are this little PFRE intro and the opening intro for Simon Maxwell’s Enfuse video site.

They have a huge variety of services you can use. Check out

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  • I worked in video production for many years producing television commercials. We used Speedy Spots for our voiceovers. They have many talented voiceover people. The are reasonably priced and turn them around real quick. Here is a link to their site. Dave.

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